Does Donald Trump now want to buy the entire country?

Famous real estate agent Donald Trump is now apparently planning his next coup in the purchase of Greenland as US president.

Washington DC – Famous real estate agent Donald Trump is now apparently planning for the next real estate coup in his role as US president, only slightly larger this time. He wants Greenland Buying.

Donald Trump is known for unusual views. © Patrick Sainsky / AP / DPA

According to a report in the “Wall Street Journal”, President Trump and the United States are considering an offer to buy Greenland. The island covers an area of ​​approximately 2.17 million square kilometers in the North Atlantic and is home to approximately 60,000 people. It is an autonomous part of the Kingdom of Denmark.

What at first glance seems like a crazy idea from the US president is actually a historical backdrop. The territory of the United States was quite small at the time of the founding of the state in 1776. Through land purchases, among other things, the area can be expanded slightly to its current size. For example, France bought Louisiana in 1803 and Alaska in 1867 from Russia.

The purchase of Greenland would be of great strategic importance to the United States. New shipping routes can be developed through the Arctic Ocean, as access to raw materials can occur. In addition, American territory will move closer to Europe and the disputed Arctic.

What and to what extent Donald Trump is serious about this idea will become clear in the next few months and years. Incidentally, this would not be the first attempt to buy Greenland, in 1946 the United States offered Denmark $ 100 million (90 million euros) for the island.

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