Does AstraZeneca vaccine arouse mistrust of our European neighbors?

Disbelief is set. Fifty people were vaccinated during a massive campaign in Nice (Alps-Maritems) with 4,000 doses, which doctors throw in the towel for lack of public enthusiasm … In France, the mistrust of the vaccine laboratory AstraZeneca strengthens This remains despite the advice of health officials, who assure that the benefits far outweigh the risk of serious side effects. Do our European neighbors share French reluctance?

In Spain, vaccination appointments have been halted due to doubts about AstraZeneca’s vaccine, state television TVE reports (in Spanish). In the region of Madrid, on 9 April, only 10,800 of the 29,000 scheduled injections showed up for his appointment. The government has launched the #YomeVacunoSeguro campaign (“I’m sure getting vaccinated”) Encouraging Spaniards to honor appointments, regardless of vaccines. Silvia Calzón, Secretary of State for Health, recalled that “Without a doubt, vaccines provide us with a horizon of hope after such a difficult year”.

According to a YouGov poll cited by Deutsche Welle, more than half of the population in Germany considers AstraZeneca’s vaccine unsafe. (In English). North Rhine-Westphalia has large stocks and sometimes struggles to sell them. To reassure the population, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was also vaccinated on 16 April with the first dose of the product AstraZeneca, such as Jean Castex and Olivier Wren in France.

However, German operations are very different: treating only physicians can vaccinate their patients. Therefore Germans depend on delivery from their doctor. And most of the time, it is the Pfizer-Bayonetec vaccine: In Berlin this week, 99,000 doses were received from a US laboratory, but none of the Anglo-Swedish vaccines, the France Television Office in the German capital, reports. If necessary, the AstraZeneca vaccine is checked to find that there is no contraindication to the patient, nor a medical history.

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The skeptics, however, did not pacify the Italians, especially in Sicily. The region has recently introduced AstraZeneca vaccination for people over 60 years of age without an appointment to perform an epidemic stem, which has been growing on the island in recent times. Around 25,000 Sicilian people were vaccinated over the weekend. Local doctors’ unions are now asking for an extension for all volunteers under the age of 60 – who can make an appointment by SMS – daily specifies The Republic (nItalian).

In the United Kingdom, there is no question of raising the slightest doubt. If some London doctors have noticed cancellations of appointments, the majority of Britons remain confident in vaccines designed at Oxford University.

Like Belgium, where a waiting list system for vaccination has been established: when all priority people have received their dose, registered Belgian people can be contacted to receive their dose. Have not participated in The Qvax platform installed in the country is always full, although the AstraZeneca vaccine is reserved for people over 56 years of age.

And if some Europeans do not want that, such as Switzerland, which at the present time still does not authorize the vaccine on their own land, others are asking for more. While Denmark has abandoned the AstraZeneca vaccine, several European countries such as the Czech Republic, Estonia or Latvia have expressed their interest in buying back the portion of the 2.4 million dosages released, the BBC reports (In English). Acting Foreign Minister Jan Hamek of the Czech Republic also posted Twitter, Their desire to acquire “All supplements” Of the Scandinavian Empire.

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