Does AI signal the end of journalism?

This article is from a special issue of Science et Avenir n° 199 dated October-November 2019.

at the house of The Associated PressThe editor in charge of financial reports is called a wordsmith. Feather WorldWe rely on syllabus during election days. New Journalists? In fact, robots writing thousands of factual articles from raw data: election results by municipality, match sheets for local teams, etc. However, these programs are still far from being able to function without the supervision of a very human intelligence, as explained by Claude de Lupi, president of the company Syllabs which provided the article. echo, world or AFP: “The database is analyzed by linguists and data experts to figure out how to translate it into textual information. Then, a screenwriter defines the structure of the text down to the tone used. Then we use the writing engine Let’s set up so that ‘he changes the formulation’. Artificial intelligence intervenes only in certain steps, to suggest variations to linguists or to produce text that respects the rules of grammar. The program may also draw certain elements from the database to put them in perspective, for example indicating abstinence rates during the last election. Launched in 2018, Media know here Uses AI differently, allowing the latter to extract information to be processed from traditional media and produce three articles in a matter of seconds, one considered neutral, the other labeled on the left and the last on the right is done. But for now, they still need to be corrected by journalists … “Language has all the complexity of human intelligence, and AI is still light years away from matching us”, believes Claude de Lupi.

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