‘Doctor Who’ refreshes well into the thirteenth season

Thanks to the presence of a new partner, it will again be a refurbished series.

Doctor Who is being refreshed again. Last New Year’s Day, the series flew with Dale revolution Goodbye to two companions. At the same time it was announced that John Bishop would play the role of new partner Dan.

Bishop is a comedian known in the UK. And thanks to his appearance in the new season, it will be very beautiful and different, according to listener Chris Chibnall.

New taste
“I always look forward to seeing different actors who are loved,” Chibnall said. “There are a lot of great comedians who have shown themselves to be great actors. Think of Robbie Coltrane in Cracker. And John too. [Bishop] Is there anyone I have had my eye on for some time. “

Thanks to that, it will be very special in the new season of the sci-fi series.

“John and his character bring a very different flavor to the series. We love that he is part of our cast,” Chibnall said. The actor would thus appear in the thirteenth season along with thirteenth and doctor duo Whitaker.

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