‘Doctor Who’ Genius spin-off series ‘Torchwood’ returns

Torchwood may return the same way, we think, given this week’s special.

The Doctor Who’s Holiday Special seems to have finely set up Torwood’s return. It looks like Chris Chibnall will bring the spin-off series to life.

Last season of Torchwood Came on television in 2011. The series ended abruptly when producer Russell T. Davis – who had recently filmed the fourth season in Los Angeles – had to return to the United Kingdom. There her husband Andrew Smith was treated for brain cancer.

Possible return
Now it seems that the series return is possible. The series featured the role of Captain Jack Harkness, John Barrowman, in which he also played Torchwood, Meaning withdrawal.

In the final moments, it is hinted that Jack and Gwen are working together again. “Sorry, I forgot the time,” Jack says to the doctor in a goodbye conversation. “Wayne Cooper says hello by the way; she says she beat a Dalek with a motorcycle and her son’s boxing gloves.”

“Anyway, I’ll be on Earth right now and see her again. I’ll call you”, Jack said. With which that return seems possible!

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