Dockers refuse to land Russian oil tanker

Dockworkers refused to unload Russian oil from the “Seacode” tanker, which is currently based in Stanlow, England. The boat hoists the German flag, despite restrictions allowing it to enter a British port.

British dockworkers on Saturday refused to unload Russian oil from a tanker, calling on the government to close “loopholes” in sanctions systems that allow ships under foreign flags to supply crude from Russia. The ‘Seacode’ tanker is currently located near the Stanlow refinery in north west England and according to the Unite trade union its cargo does not come under sanctions on Russian ships because it flaunts the German flag.

British sanctions imposed after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine prohibited all Russian-owned, or owned, operated, controlled, Russian entities or Russian-flagged ships from entering British ports.

“Due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, there are no Unite workers at the site” [de Stanlow] Will unload Russian oil regardless of the ship’s nationality,” said Unite Union Secretary General Sharon Graham, calling on Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps to “immediately close the loophole.”

Two other tankers returned

According to the Unison union, two other oil tankers waving the Cyprus flag and Russian gas, ‘Boris Wilkitsky’ and ‘Feder Litke’, were turned off the Isle of Grain in Kent, southeast New Zealand. , “While it appears that our response has been successful in repelling these vessels, a fundamental problem remains,” Unison’s national energy manager Matt Lay said in a statement.

“The government must act immediately to close loopholes that do not cover the origin of ships’ cargo and prevent Russian goods from entering the UK under the guise of another country,” he said. Britain is less dependent on Russian energy sources than many other European countries.

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