Do you want to be the ‘fastest winner’ of millionaires?

Do you want to be the 'fastest winner' of millionaires?

Can you beat the millionaire who wants to be the ‘fastest winner’ – who took just 20 minutes to answer these 15 ghost questions?

1 (£ 100) Q: In the UK, the NHS stands for National ‘What’ Service?

Humanity / Health / Respect / Household

2 (£ 200) Q: Which Disney character famously put a glass slipper behind a royal ball?

Pocahontas / Sleeping Beauty / Cinderella / Elsa

3 (£ 300) Q: What are the names given to the revolving belt devices at the airport that re-demand check luggage from the aircraft?

Hanger / Terminal / Concourse / Carousel

4 (£ 500) Q: Which of these brands is mainly involved in making family locks?

Phillips / Flymo / Chub / Ransil

5 (£ 1K) Question: Hammer and particle is one of the recognized symbols of which political ideology?

Republicanism / Communism / Conservatism / Liberalism

6 (£ 2K) Q: Which toy has been marketed with the term ‘robot in disguise’?

Bratz Dolls / Civilian Family / Hatchimals / Transformers

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire with Donald Fear’s Image Host Jeremy Clarkson

7 (K 4K) Question: What is the meaning of the word ‘luchitual’?

Angry / shy / beautiful / shy

8 (£ 8K) Q: What is a branch of prosthetics medicine specifically related to?

Childbirth / broken bones / heart condition / old age

9 (£ 16K) Q: What was the fourth doctor’s signature description of Tom Baker in ‘Doctor Who’?

Bow-tie, braces and tweed jacket / wide-brimmed hat and extra long scarf / pinstripe suit and trainer / cape, velvet jacket and frilly shirt

10 (£ 32K) Q: Which of these religious observances lasts the shortest time in a calendar year?

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Ramadan / Diwali / Lent / Hanukka

11 (£ 64K) Q: At the nearest point, which island group is 50 miles south of the Florida coast?

Bahamas / US Virgin Islands / Turks and Caicos Islands / Bermuda

12 (£ 125K) Q: Did the construction of these famous landmarks finish earlier?

Empire State Building / Royal Albert Hall / Eiffel Tower / ‘Big Ben’ Clock Tower

13 (£ 250K) Q: Which of these Citcians is classified as a ‘tooth whale’?

Gray whale / minke whale / sperm whale / hampback whale

14 (£ 500K) Question: The only British politician who held four ‘Great Offices of State’ at a single time in his career?

David Lloyd George / Harold Wilson / James Callahan / John Major

15 (£ 1M) Q: In 1718, did any of the now North Carolina coastal pirates die?

Calico Jack / Blackbird / Bartholomew Roberts / Captain Kid

The answer is below

The answer

1: B, health

2: C, Cinderella

3: D, carousel

4: C, Chub

5: B, Communism

6: D, Transformers

7: B, Chati

8: A, the birth of a child

9: B, wide-brimmed hat and extra long scarf

10: B, Diwali

11: A, Bahamas

12: D, ‘Ben’ Clock Tower

13: C, sperm whale

14: C, James Callahan

15: B, Blackbird


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