Do you understand the rules of government around meeting others? Take the quiz

Do you understand the rules of government around meeting others? Take the quiz

More than half of Britons believe government guidelines for meeting others are vague, while two-thirds think others are “not following the rules at all”, according to a new survey.

The current guidelines state that only two families are allowed to visit indoors (including restaurants, pubs and cafes), but six people from different households are allowed to socialize outside.

The guidelines state that any assembly larger than six can only take place when everyone is “from only two families or from support bubbles”.

However, according to a survey by the Health Foundation and Ipsos Mori, 54 percent of people think the rules for meeting others are confusing.

And three out of five (622 percent) think that others are not following your advice on who and how many people you can meet outside the home.

The survey also revealed that 56 per cent of the people believe that the government has not managed the epidemic successfully.

And, government approvals to deal with the crisis have fallen sharply since May, when 60 percent believed the government was managing the epidemic better, compared to just 43 percent in July.

Similarly, half of the respondents now feel that government measures in response to the virus have not gone too far and more should be done, which has increased by 13 percent since May.

However, government response to the virus also varies according to age and occupation.

The government has managed the epidemic well for those aged 655 or older (47 percent versus 43 percent overall), while only 30 percent of people aged 18 to 24 believe it.

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In managerial, administrative, and professional jobs, they did not think the government had managed the outbreak well (48 percent vs. 43 percent), and about half (49 percent) skilled manual workers thought it was very well managed.

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