Do you remember that Twin Peaks made women nostalgia new again?

Written by Ananda Pells, CNN

Before Netflix, before epics like “Game of Thrones” – before the high-speed internet – there were “Twin Peaks”.

It is not difficult to say that without “Twin Peaks” there will be no “Vampire Hunter Buffy”, “Riverdale” and arguably “Gilmore Girls”. Creating a plan for the edgy TV series, David Lynch’s pioneering police procedure, first published on April 30 for 8 years in 1990, made gothic Americana mainstream.

Equal parts are separated from the traditional plot lines of popular prime time dramas such as “Twilight Zone” and “Dynasty”, “Twin Hills”, “L.A. Law” and “MacGyver”. He transfers his heritage, short term (two seasons until one third of it is released in 2017) and cult status, crawling on the covers of Time and Rolling Stone and to water cooler talks around the world.

Catherine E Coulson

Catherine E Coulson as “Log Lady” Credit: ABC Photo Archive / Walt Disney Television / Getty Images

But it wasn’t the unresolved mystery of those who just killed queen queen Laura Palmer, who took viewers to mind – and haunted – back to the West Coast town, filled with sexual getaways and a “dark” hiding nearby. Trees. The show shot in the movie had an unusual cinematic feel for TV at the time, Lynch’s signed psychosexual surrealism (seen in previous indie publications such as “Blue Velvet” and “Eraserhead”), and each increased visual and emotional saturation.

This tone is a huge loan to the show’s costume, which has long been directed by Lynch collaborator Patricia Norris. Decades of simple staples have been updated and modern, while easily worn, trends to determine the next decade can be seen in infancy, making “Twin Hills” a part of the outside.

There was no shortage of persuasive characters with different looks. Coffee-obsessed FBI special agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) from beige trench coat and brill cream officer cut to psychiatrist Dr Jacoby (Russ Tamblyn), all-seeing Log Lady (Catherine E Coulson) red-rimmed glasses.

Audrey (Sherilyn Fenn) performs her famous solo dance at Double R restaurant

Audrey (Sherilyn Fenn) performs her famous solo dance at Double R restaurant Credit: YouTube

Women, in particular, embody the town’s twin print and desire spirits, and none of them were anything but pot-stirring young Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn). Audrey, the daughter of programmer businessman Benjamin Horne, is bored, creative and does not care what anyone thinks. When we first find his father’s face around the Great Northern Hotel with wooden panels, he eagerly frightens a group of Norwegian businessmen to remember the recent city-killing events, putting his 1950s maiden shoes and pink angora sweaters in a plaid skirt.

Audrey horne sherilynn fenn smoking in the school bathroom

Audrey horne sherilynn fenn smoking in the school bathroom Credit: YouTube

Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) at One-Eyed Jacks brothel

Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) at One-Eyed Jacks brothel Credit: YouTube

Then, it is no surprise when we see Audrey trading her red flats with her A-frame eyebrows and figure-hugging sweater in her school closet or a cool cigarette in the girls’ bathroom. the scene that pushes Hollywood down to prevent players from smoking on the screen – because it looked so good. Or, at a time that makes TV history, Audrey pours into a little black dress, turning the cherry root into a knot with her tongue.

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Veronica in “Riverdale” is a clear heir to Audrey’s young vampire person, but at the same time, Courtney Love of the 90s with her smashed pin-up look; Rory and Lorelai, independent and spirited from “Gilmore Girls”, some jeans and MAC lipsticks were discarded; and the daring and seductive cheerleader Santana of “Glee”.

Lara Hayward cries at Lara Flynn Boyle desk

Lara Hayward cries at Lara Flynn Boyle desk Credit: CBS Photo Archive / Getty Images

On the other end of the mid-century spectrum, the kind-hearted daughter of the town doctor, Donna, is cut from the best diaper next door. Even if she tears in the middle of the class, suddenly realizing that something terrible is happening to her best friend Laura, it’s hard not to be distracted by her perfectly groomed nails.

However, Lynch’s nostalgia did not end in the 1950s. The owner of the Double R restaurant Norma (“Bewitched” and “Mode Squad” was portrayed by Peggy Lipton), bringing the elegance of a prom dress by updating the working-class restaurant appearance in “Alice” from 1974 to 1985, integrated apron to the blue and white uniform. and filled with mutton.

Peggy Lipton as Norma Jennings, owner of Double R restaurant

Peggy Lipton as Norma Jennings, owner of Double R restaurant Credit: ABC Photo Archive / Walt Disney Television / Getty Images

Similarly, Josie Packard (Joan Chen), the extraordinarily stylish widow of the town’s previous mill owner, radiates pure charm. With her immaculate red-stained lips and jet-black hair, she builds a bridge between the 1980s power suits and a more comfortable tailoring in the 90s. Whether wearing a green silk robe, a red sweater gown, or a high-waisted plaid paired with a structural brown cardigan (possibly the best outfit in the series), Josie always looks straight from the runway.

In the first season of Twin Peaks there were only eight episodes, but it was enough to make a stylish, prominent note in the 1990s. Wool sweaters, wool cardigans, wool tights, A-line skirts and plaid, plaid, plaid soon after Seattle grunge and “Clueless” witThe show’s fashion accessories and lack of short hair in women would be part of the minimalist style code of the decade.
David Duchovny as DEA agent Denise Bryson

David Duchovny as DEA agent Denise Bryson Credit: YouTube

And while the second season was full of their pleasant surprises – DEA agent and trans woman Denise Bryson, played by David Duchovny, came to the city – and the restart continues to be something special about the first eight episodes that have long hit the small town oddity for 30 years, not reproduced yet. magical quality.

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