Do you dream of a remake of Bloodborne on PS5? here is a mario kart version

Bloodborne, the masterpiece loved by PlayStation gamers, has just celebrated its 7th anniversary. On this occasion, the Mario Kart version was announced. is unlikely.

came out March 24, 2015 bloodbornePlayStation 4 exclusivity developed by FromSoftware (the studio we’re indebted to elden ringThis spiritual son of Dark Souls soon became a cult production, often cited as one of the best games on Sony’s console. Even after many years it flashes in people’s mind. Will the Mario Kart version have the same success?

because, yes, impossible bloodthirsty carto was announced by Lilith Walther, which recently rose to prominence thanks to an excellent adaptation of bloodborne In dmake format (ie with very old graphics, PlayStation era). , It’s coming, Bloodborne Kart is real and will be released when it’s ready! “She rejoices.

A Bloodborne in Mario Kart format, really?

For the time being, we have to be content with a short teaser of a few seconds, with a sequence that directly reminds us of a poster from the film. akira (Another masterpiece, but this time animation). We still wonder how an action-oriented and demanding RPG can turn into a racing game more focused on usability – if it is indeed Mario Kart’s main source of inspiration.

Do you dream of a remake of Bloodborne on PS5?  here is a mario kart version
Bloodborne Kart // Source: YouTube Capture

You might think it was a joke, except that Lilith Walther has already joked about it bloodthirsty carto, On April 1, 2021, she announced: “ Today I am announcing that Bloodborne PSX [le demake] Canceled and we’re doing Bloodborne Kart instead! This April Fools’ Day was accompanied by a short sequence of gameplay, thanks to which we quickly recognize Mario Kart Claw.

This very wacky project is a reminder of how bloodborne A major video game. As evidence, many fans are looking forward to a remake — or a simple remastering — of the PlayStation 5 (presumably, with a PC port). Others simply start dreaming of a sequel—a less and less likely hypothesis as time goes on.

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