Do Deodorants Cause Cancer?

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s. Ricotier, J. Mimouni, N. Bidard, V. Travert, Y. Bodin, M. Bitton – France 3

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This is a daily gesture, but one that can prove to be hazardous to health. Most deodorants contain aluminum salt which will promote breast cancer.

The aluminum salts present in most deodorants promote breast cancer. Some customers are already taking precautions on the shelf, taking the time to choose a product that doesn’t contain it. “We made the choice with the family in favor of products that didn’t contain it, at least, we hope, since then we’ve stuck to it”, explains to a customer. used for stop it Aluminum salts also have a detrimental effect on our chromosomes when we sweat.

According to the study, aluminum salts will cause regulation of chromosomes. They will lead to random pauses and rearrangements. A phenomenon that is one of the typical causes of cancer. A small dose is enough to create this phenomenon, so even products containing too little would be dangerous. In response, in stores, about 20% of products display the absence of aluminum as a selling point.

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