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Premier League Darts is slowly coming to an end. In Milton Keynes, darts players will enter the final straight line this week, with another spectator behind them. Darts analyst Co. Stompe sees further: “The public will have an impact, but van den Berg usually handles it well.”

“Not all players will treat the public equally”

The last week of the Premier League is near. Compared to the past few weeks, there’s a significant novelty: There will be a darts-crazy spectator again. 1,000 fans per day will be admitted to the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes.

According to former top darts player Co Stompé, who is now a darts analyst at Dutch TV, the impact of that audience cannot be underestimated. “Most players are used to it, but not all players will handle it equally well.”

“Someone like Michael van Gerwen benefits from it and also loves to use it, whether the public is for him or against him. Van den Berg has always treated the public well over the past two years. Someone like De Sousa For, which didn’t last long and was barely played for the audience, which may have had an effect.”

Similar situations will be seen again this week.

“Van Gerwen is top favourite, van den Berg has a good chance of top 4”

On Monday, the remaining 8 tenants will again take darts. “And it will immediately be a very exciting evening, with some important posters,” Stompey says. “I hope some decisions have already been made.”

When we ask about the top favorites for the overall win, Stompey looks in one person’s direction. “Van Gerven is the man to beat at the moment. His last three games were great. The consistency, which we were used to from him for years, is back again.”

“The same should be said of van den Berg. He lost to van Gerwen and Andersen, but he played very well himself. He was just unlucky that his opponents played against him at the top of their game. Falling on the wrong side Gone. .”

Van Gerwen is the man to beat. The consistency we were used to over the years is back again.

Cum Stompé

How does Stompey estimate van den Berg’s chances during the final week? “He has a good chance of making the top 4 and qualifying for the final day on Friday. But it will be an important game for Dimitri on Monday against D’Sousa.”

“If he wins he gets away with himself, if he loses he overtakes. The pressure will be great, but van den Berg usually handles it well. He’s almost always 60 more Throwing important finishes in the middle of 90 under pressure is a gift that some players are given.”

About the darts promotion in Belgium: “expected it soon”

There has been a lot of hype for darts in Belgium in recent months. How do people in the Netherlands, the world’s largest darts country after the United Kingdom, watch darts in Belgium?

“We’ve been wondering for some time why darts in Belgium hadn’t caught on with the general public before. In the early 1990s you already had many toppers and the Belgians were actually even better than the Dutch,” Stompe knew. Huh.

“When Kim Huybrechts emerged a few years ago, I must have thought you were gone. We had expected it earlier, but van den Berg has now succeeded, which is nice to see.”

Former top darts player Co Stompé is now a darts analyst on Dutch television.

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