DIY: 12 Great and Very Easy Ideas to Customize Old Recipes

When our Tableware service It is no longer to our liking, we let it collect dust in our cupboards or just throw it away. What a mistake! by reason Old dishes, Even if it is old-fashioned or broken, it can still be used for something else. We can bend the primary use of it and make one Original show item To add a more personal touch to our interior. For this, the DIY technique Are invincible

DIY: How to Customize Old Crockery as a Showpiece?

Change old dishes, It is simple and economical! Usually, it only takes a few ingredients to create beautiful content. You can make patterns on old porcelain plates using paint or special markers. With a jar, We can make colored parts of glue and glass Vase The unique. Finally, we may very well be inspired by the latest decoration trend, namely: the Japanese Technique of Kintsugi Which is to fix a broken object by adding pieces of gold together using gold powder.

Discover all the DIYs in our slideshow, spotty on Pinterest, to turn old recipes into a decorative item.

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