Divided troops faced, Labor chief expected in turn

Labor leaders, meeting in Congress in Brighton, must assure them they have what it takes to take power from Boris Johnson.

Keir Starmer, the leader of the British Labor Party, has much to explain on Wednesday, 29 September, that he has gathered in Congress in Brighton to grab power from Boris Johnson and address the divisions that ravaged opposition formation. . Pandemic-bound, it is the first time since his accession as party chief in April 2020, that Keir Starmer addresses workers in person during this back-to-school high mass at a seaside resort in southern England. Huh.

The 59-year-old former lawyer is due to explain his vision for the UK in an extremely in-depth closing speech. Thus he hopes to silence critics who accuse him of inaudible communications that have not been able to end a black chain of electoral defeats. His goal is to seize power in the 2024 legislative elections from conservatives led by Boris Johnson, who have so far been riding the Brexit wave. and create labor to achieve it “column” by country.

“Frequently in the history of this party, our dream of a good society has clashed with the belief that we will not run a strong economy. (…) under my leadership, we are both committed”, he would say according to a passage of speech affirming his centrist line. “I want our party to focus on our country”He told Sky News, “What matters to working families”, such as education, job security, a health system that works.

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“Our movement is more divided than ever”

After more than ten years of conservative power and a year and a half of pandemic (more than 136,000 dead), there may be a boulevard in front of Keir Starmer. Especially as the government is embroiled in a fuel crisis and supermarket supply problems, made worse by Brexit. But the convention, presented as a moment for the leader of the opposition to assert himself and unite, turned sour as it opened on Saturday, once again mired in internal conflicts.

The current party goes badly with the Left, remaining loyal to its predecessor Jeremy Corbyn. More moderate, Keir Starmer is against reneging on a commitment to reform the party leader or to nationalize the energy giants. These tensions culminated in the sensational resignation of a party member on Monday “shadow cabinet” Bringing party leaders Andy McDonald together under the pretext of disagreement over minimum wage levels, but it was denounced as an attempt by Keir Starmer’s aides. «Sabotage». “Our movement is more divided than ever”, accused of resigning, whose departure pushed back into the background promises to invest tens of billions in favor of the climate.

Until Labor’s term, the fear is that the Keir starrer will miss a golden opportunity to shoot the red balls at Boris Johnson’s Conservative government – even if he has condemned it “Anarchy” because of which the country is submerged“Full Preparation” of the executive “If Keir recovers on Wednesday, he can cheer everyone up and move on. Otherwise, and if we don’t get out of the fray in the election, Keir is a smart man (…) to assess his future “, warned John McDonnell, a relative of Jeremy Corbyn, on Times Radio.

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Already, his start as leader of Labor has not been an easy one. He inherited, between first imprisonment, a party undecided on Brexit and its political situation, mired in chronic anti-Semitic allegations and overwhelmed by debacle in the 2019 legislative elections – his worst score in 85 years and his fourth consecutive defeat. “Basically they have to tell people what a Labor Party means in the UK in 2021” Finding the right “word”, underlined Steven Fielding, a political scientist at the University of Nottingham with AFP. “It’s not an easy task, especially when the plow still draws a lot of pans”.

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