Dive into the heart of the crazy atmosphere of ultra groups of esports clubs

French League of League of Legends, the flagship game of eSports, will resume on Wednesday, January 12. It brings together 10 teams, who compete in “games” – parties. And among them, one team stands out for its performance: Carmine Corp., which won two European titles last season.

But Carmine Corp. also hints to its supporters because, until recently, the club has had nonviolent extremists: the “Blue Wall” (or Blue Wall). Last weekend, they also gathered 1,000 fans – that was the maximum level – in Paris, at the Carousel du Louvre and the grounds trembled like a stadium while we shouted in support of Carmine Corp.

It is good for the atmosphere that 21-year-old Paul has come from Brussels: “We like video games, obviously we like watching video game matches. It’s like a sports match”, Furthermore, a friend of hers adds: “We scream in front of our computers every time, what a pleasure it is to do this once in real life. We’ve ended up waking up the neighbors”,

 "blue wall", from the group of Ultra & nbsp;"carmine corp", a team that participates in the French esports champion of & nbsp;"League of Legends", at the Carousel du Louvre on the weekend of January 9, 2022 (Laurien Delano / Radio France)

Hat, scarf, jersey … The dress is similar to that of football supporters, such as Shane, who came from Montpellier. “I’m a supporter of Om, I go to the velodrome. There,”blue wall”, It’s like watching a match in Marseille “, The young man declares.

All the same with some specifications: These matches are very interactive. For example, when lights in the room impede the ultras for viewing the screen or if a commentator’s microphone is malfunctioning, they are heard and the host responds to them. There is also time for questions from supporters to team leaders. Idea? Maintain the closeness and interaction that exists during virtual broadcasts of matches on the Twitch platform at physical events. Another French team, Pioneer Vitality, has also done their ultrasounds for a few years now.

These supporters are in their twenties and come from all over France. Montpellier therefore, but Marseille, like Camille, a loyal supporter who also followed matches to the United Kingdom when she was a student there: “In the beginning, it was a little difficult to dare to scream but the more it happens and the more people there are, the stronger the energy”, And like Jules, who came from Lyon: “I started playing when I was ten. So I grew up with it. In the beginning, it was very small events and then it got bigger, bigger and there we are”,

The Ultras Association, created in November, is taking shape. On its counter, a feat of 380 members and arms: a visit to Barcelona a few weeks ago remembers its president, Antonin. “We’ve almost filled a plane! One of the primary objectives of the association is to travel by bus like in a traditional sport, to allow as much ultra in physics to scream.” And this is just the beginning, says Yusuf, 22, for whom “The logical development is that eSport is growing more and more”, alluding to the name of the club’s sponsor Orange. “it is too big”, it became blurry.

A football stadium-like atmosphere for the evening of & nbsp;"carmine corp", a team that participates in the French esports champion of & nbsp;"League of Legends", at the Carousel du Louvre on the weekend of January 9, 2022 (Laurien Delano / Radio France)

According to team co-founder Kamel Kebir – aka Kamato – the enthusiasm of supporters also makes it possible to attract star players to esports. “You know something’s going to happen. When you get into the team, you know you’ll have people behind you who will be behind you, so obviously, it helps for the transfer window, and it helps the players. helps”, He assures, taking as an example the arrival of Swedish professional player Rekkels – real name Martin Larsson – who came to the fans. The leaders of Carmine Corp now quite simply dream of filling the Stade de France.

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