Disrespect to Australia, injury to the heart of England cricket team

The Australian team won the world’s most famous cricket competition on Tuesday 28 December, taking on opposing English and Australian teams every two years. The sport’s country of origin has gone downhill, worries this London newspaper on its digital front page.

“Sometimes it’s better to stick to the facts when you don’t know where to start” lament Independent, England team “Absolutely lost ashes”, Tuesday, December 28. “humiliated” The most famous cricket competition in the world is hosted by Australia, every two years between the two countries. nineteenthAnd century.

The Australian team has won the first three of the five matches scheduled at home. “We still have to play the last two, in January, before our suffering ends”, London specifies online newspaper. The Australians, for their part, will then be able to show off the competition’s unofficial trophy: a small urn containing the ashes (Ashes) with a cricket ball.

Controversial in the historical Test-match format, Ashes meetings could theoretically last up to five days, or up to twenty-five days in total. Captain Joe Root and his teammates were defeated in less than twelve days. “The British Spent more time in quarantine on arrival in Australia than on field.” makes fun of Independent,

Sure, we’ve had many setbacks before, but England has never looked so overwhelmed. In contrast, the Australians were brilliant and managed to execute their game plan to the fullest.

sports journalist Independent Points to a failing state of mind and the shortcomings of coach Chris Silverwood. The English Federation, the England and Wales Cricket Board, is guilty of favoring shorter game formats over Test matches and neglecting the national championship. “There is a problem at the heart of English cricket.” summarizes the publication in a digital edition of this Wednesday, 29 December. “Many things will have to change between now and the next edition of the Ashes in 2023”, which will be held In the birthplace of cricket. “But this crushing defeat shows that evil seems deeper.”

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Established in 1986, Independent One of the leading titles in British Quality Press. It is also the first generalist daily to become a 100% online newspaper. During the Thatcher era, the team made a wager


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