Disney’s live-action Pinocchio is coming to Disney+ in 2022

Now we have an idea when the much-awaited Tom Hanks directorial is out pinocchio The film will appear on Disney+ next year. It was announced during Disney+ Day that the live-action Disney remake would debut on the Disney streaming service from mid- to late 2022. The specific window provided to investors in a recent call was during the fiscal fourth quarter of 2022. Disney has now officially announced that it will debut in fall 2022, unveiling the official logo.

from disney pinocchio The classic is the latest in a long line of live-action stories from Disney animated films. The film has been in development since 2015 and has been without any problems. Tom Hanks, who had signed from the beginning, left production at one point last year to return to the project.

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like emma stone Ruthless and next Peter Pan Adaptation n Direct, Disney’s pinocchio It was originally planned to be released exclusively in theatres. However, the COVID pandemic changed the way things worked in many ways. With theaters closed for so long due to the pandemic, Disney, like many other film studios, has learned that they will release their films exclusively on their own streaming services, often at extra cost, or as releases. can do. Theatrical release. It was announced during an investor call last year that Disney’s pinocchio Will go from a theatrical release to a Disney+ release.

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from disney pinocchio Robert Zemeckis, who has a long history of blockbuster films, especially with back in the future trilogy, Forrest Gump, cast away, And Who wants Roger Rabbit skin? among many other credits. He co-wrote the adaptation with Chris Weitz. This isn’t the first time Weitz has worked on one of Disney’s live-action adaptations, as he wrote the screenplay for 2015. cinderella Which was directed by Kenneth Branagh.

The Disney+ title will see the lead role of Pinocchio played by Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, which was recently seen on Netflix Bailey’s Mansion Haunt Like Miles Wingrave. Tom Hanks will play Gepetto, the puppet’s adoptive father-turned-real boy. Cynthia Erivo is cast as the Blue Fairy, Luke Evans will play one of the main villains as coachman, Keegan-Michael will play Honest John and Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play Jimmy Cricket, the famous voice of conscience. Will fulfill this live adaptation of pinocchio A new character will also be introduced, as Lorraine Bracco will play Sofia the Seagull.

pinocchio Of course, this is the story of woodcarver Gepetto who creates a wooden puppet named Pinocchio that is animated by an angel. Pinocchio is told that he can become a real boy if he can prove that he is “courageous, truthful and selfless”.

Disney has had great success with live-action adaptations of its classic animated films. aladdin And The Lion King Both recently made over $1 billion at the box office. a live adaptation of the little Mermaid Currently filming in the UK. and a live transformation of Peter Pan With Jude Law declared. Disney’s Pinocchio Arrives in 2022 on Disney+.

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