Disney Plus gets an extra dimension with more local content

The amended Media Act came into force on 1 November 2020 in the Netherlands. The law states that 30% of films and series on on-demand video services such as Disney Plus should have ‘European works’. The law is the result of new directives from the European Commission.


European works are deemed to have video offerings produced in the European state. The United Kingdom is also involved, despite the country no longer being part of the European Union after Brexit. Disney has produced a lot of material in the UK and it clearly works in favor of the House of Mouse.

The purpose of media legislation is to support the cultural diversity of the European audio-visual field. In addition, companies encourage creativity and ensure that audio-visual functions are better transmitted within Europe. The law also states that video services should bring local content to the public’s attention. Therefore Disney should promote local content among its customers.


30% of films, series and documentaries on Disney Plus in the Netherlands should comprise European productions. Disney has clearly taken this message seriously, as two more Dutch feature films from ‘Krumultije’ were added to the streaming service in the same month, after the new media act went into effect on November 1, 2020. House Mouse probably bought the rights for this. And Disney continued the trend in December with several 24K series, such as ‘Rudolph’s Bakery’ and a zipper series by Miljuska Wittgenhausen.

In March and April 2021, however, (so far) the biggest update regarding the addition of Dutch material is on the agenda. A total of 13 well-known Dutch feature films will then be added to Disney Plus. In all likelihood, a new category / collection will be created for all local content. This is a great update especially for children and young people. That line-up is as follows.

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Friday, March 19, 2021

  • Abeltje (1998)
  • Yes sister no sister (2002)
  • Minos (2001)
  • Pluque van de Pettifleet (2004)
  • Viprala (2014)
  • The Secret (2010)

Friday, April 16, 2021

  • Alfie the Werewolf (2016)
  • Dummi De Mummi (2014)
  • How Do I Survive Myself (2008)
  • Brametje Bass (2012)
  • King of Katoran (2012)
  • Master Frog (2016)
  • Far from you (2017)

More information and trailers of all Dutch feature films can be seen here.


A considerable amount of European Disney and Star Originals were recently announced to meet the 30% European quota. These are Italian, French and German productions. New categories have been created for this on Disney Plus, called ‘Made in France Collection’ in ‘Italian Films and Series Collection’. This is evident from the update (not yet visible) on Disneyplus.com. However, images from the collection can already be seen (see here and here). The Netherlands will likely also receive its own collection on the service, as previously mentioned.

Disney is nowhere near the 30% quota. So you can set the watch that much more Dutch and / or European content will be added to Disney Plus. This is certainly great, especially after Starr’s recent addition, the streaming service which now has around 95 million subscribers.

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