Disney announces Disney Fair Mania, a battle royale reserved for Apple Arcade

Disney unveiled Disney Melee Mania, a battle royale type game exclusive to Apple Arcade.

one of the benefits is that Disney Compared to the competition, it has shaped a huge franchise in recent decades. This means that Vishal has a plethora of characters and stories to come up with new products without having to build everything from scratch. It is extremely practical, and beneficial to a business. Here a. is a perfect example with new mobile game,

Disney unveils Disney Fair Mania, a battle royale game

The perfect example of this is the company’s next mobile game, a game called Disney Melee Mania, which has just been made official, apart from as an exclusive to Apple Arcade. It is a Battle Royale type of game, in which players can choose from a wide variety of Disney characters from different licenses and have them compete against each other in an arena.

and specific to Apple Arcade

As it describes: “Through five minutes of action-packed fights, players will need to collect as many points as possible in order to claim victory – or defeat the opposing team as many times as possible. They will engage in highly edgy multiplayer battles that utilize each other’s unique abilities in melee competition, with game modes and multiple challenges to assess their skills and earn rewards during events.”

Meanwhile, the gameplay feels similar to other battle royale type games, one of them available on Apple Arcade, this is Butter Royale. And if the genre sounds familiar to you, that’s because Disney Melee Mania is developed by the same studio, namely Mighty Bear Games. Disney Melee Mania should be available sometime in December, so you’ll need an Apple Arcade subscription to be able to enjoy it.

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