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situation in france

On Tuesday, 12 October, 5,880 new cases of COVID-19 were identified in France, according to data from Public Health France. Of the 6,629 hospitalized people, 1,111 were in intensive care. In the last 24 hours, 53 people have died due to this virus in the hospital.

A bill extending the potential use of the health pass until July 31, 2022 was introduced to the Council of Ministers on Wednesday, under fire from opposition that challenges the decision to step into the presidential election. The text, which AFP was able to consult, however was slightly modified after passage in the Council of State to include the government’s presentation of the “report” to parliament, which provides an update on the measures taken. and “specifying the reasons” for retaining some of them, if any”. should be after.

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Also, the penalties for fraud with a health pass, up to five years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros, have been tightened in the text presented on Wednesday. But that doesn’t solve the thorny case of this near manifestation with the gradual deployment of a third dose of vaccines, which for some time have been reserved for the elderly or vulnerable. While the outbreak of the COVID pandemic continues in most regions, the executive intends to eliminate any cases of negligence in the event of a resurgence by extending the validity of the health pass, the deadline for which was set November 15. , until the middle of next summer. As far as the existing legal system is concerned, which makes it possible to limit the movement of people locally or to shut down some establishments in the event of a resumption of a strong pandemic, this also has to be done from November 15 to July 31, has been extended till 2022. This is an eight month bonus. The right side teeth like the left, as it empties the campaign and election debates that will mark the first half of 2022.

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The executive, which has refused to make vaccination mandatory, has made the health pass a pivot of its anti-Covid strategy, sparking more than three months of demonstrations that brought together nearly 40,000 people last Saturday Was. The pass became mandatory in places accommodating more than 50 people, before being introduced in hospitals (except in emergencies), bars and restaurants on July 21, then in public contact with 1.8 million employees on August 30, and at the end of September. In was extended to 12-. 17 year olds. The end of free admission for some so-called “relaxed” trials on 15 October constitutes a new phase in this strategy, and encourages further vaccination.

The management of the crisis in the United Kingdom was questioned

Late containment, “big mistakes”, and “fatalism” in the face of the spread of Covid-19 led to “one of the biggest public health failures” in the UK, where thousands of deaths could have occurred. In the parliamentary report released on Tuesday

The United Kingdom has since last summer abolished almost all measures linked to the pandemic, such as social distancing and the wearing of masks. It has a high vaccination rate, with more than 78% of people over 12 being fully vaccinated against COVID-19. But in terms of coronavirus victims, the country has the worst record in Europe, with nearly 138,000 deaths.

According to a report by two parliamentary committees after months of hearings, “thousands of deaths could have been avoided” if Boris Johnson’s conservative government had acted more quickly. “The prevention and social distancing decisions made in the first weeks of the pandemic – and the advice leading to them – are one of the biggest public health failures the UK has ever faced.” , the deputies said.

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As of March 23, 2020, ministers “only (demanded) to reduce the rate of infection” in the population, rather than stop its spread completely, hoping that herd immunity would develop. On Sky News, the minister responsible for government coordination, Steve Barkley, reported that the government “followed the scientific advice” and “made decisions to act quickly”, citing the vaccination campaign launched in December 2020 and Josh done with With regard to the decision to establish controls, “at the time, it was feared that if we confine too early, (the population) would not agree to confine for a long time”, which ultimately was not the case. matter, he admitted. The minister refused to apologise, but assured that “if there is anything to learn, the government is ready to do so”.

Pointing out failures and delays, the report highlights the success of the vaccination campaign that began in December 2020. “The UK response has combined big mistakes and big successes”, as the vaccination program emphasized. In a joint statement, Conservative MPs Greg Clark and Jeremy Hunt, chair of the two committees in charge of the report, called for “lessons to be learned”. For Labor Jonathan Ashworth, the main opposition party in charge of health issues at Labour, the report’s findings are “overwhelming” and show that “monumental mistakes” have been made. For their part, the “Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice”, a union of relatives of Covid-19 victims, expressed regret that parliamentary committees did not speak to them, feeling “ignored”. Its spokeswoman, Hannah Brady, hopes families bereaved by the pandemic will be “at heart” in the government’s public scrutiny of its handling of the crisis, scheduled for 2022.

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world balance sheet

pandemic at least Worldwide 4,853,570 people died, according to a report set up by AFP at 10:00 GMT on Tuesday from official sources.

NS United States of america 7. The countries most bereaved by this pandemic are with16,344 dead, After that Brazil (601,398), India (450,963), Mexico (282,227) and Russia (218,345).

The WHO estimates that the consequences of the pandemic could be two to three times higher, taking into account the high mortality rates directly and indirectly associated with COVID-19.

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