Discovery of a new molecule to treat pain

Posted by l’Opinion on Friday, May 27, 2022

Researchers from the Center for Molecular Biophysics in Orléans in France have succeeded in demonstrating the unique pharmacological character and interest for the treatment of inflammatory pain using a new synthetic ligand.

Discovery of a new molecule to treat pain
Thanks to an extensive program of synthesis of new ligands of the R5-HT7 receptor, these researchers were able to identify a molecule they named serodoline and that acts as a biasing agonist, according to the results of their public research. According to PNAS magazine.

Using a multi-scale approach based on molecular and cellular studies (BRET, AlphaScreen) involving biochemical, immunohistochemical and behavioral studies, the researchers were able to show that serodolin activates the R5-HT7 receptor by a new mechanism. inspires. In addition, they showed the therapeutic potential of serodoline with an efficacy close to that of morphine in several preclinical models. This discovery opens up new perspectives for the treatment of nociceptive pain and will constitute an alternative to current therapies.

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