Discover the top 10 distributors of industrial vehicles in France

for the first version ofDirectory of Industrial Vehicle Distribution Groups in France, we identified the 65 most important operators and categorized them by their activity, their organization, their history, what to present them as an identity card (like the Alvarez Group above) and number of businesses inquired about. , of which we reveal the top 10 here:

With a turnover of EUR 250 million with the Mercedes-Benz (trucks and vans) and Fiat Professional brands, the BPM Group (Patrick Bornhauser) tops this ranking. This accounts for a third of the group’s total business, which also represents a 19th share of automobile distribution groups.

Second, group with a turnover of 239 million euros alvarez For its part, Renault Trucks is the network’s first representative, having sold more than 1,500 new IVs and LCVs. We have Bruno Alvarez. interviewed, the group’s president, last December, who explained to us how it managed to maintain its profitability in 2020 thanks to a “full service” rental that absorbs the vagaries of the economy. With 4.5% profitability in 2019, it ranks third most profitable of the Renault Trucks network, averaging 1.5%.

Group martenata Also on the podium with a turnover of 222 million euros. Leading Iveco and Fiat Professional distributors in France (with 3,000 VN) are also in the top 5 of MAN distributors. The family group, which employs 570 people, achieved a profitability of 3% in 2019.

Two Renault Truck distributors complete the top 5: Group Bernard Trucks (which also represents Mercedes-Benz trucks and vans), a subsidiary of the Bernard Group (5th Automotive Distribution Group), and the Kertrax Group, led by Jean-François Augre And Patrick Ronsin, as its name suggests represents Renault Trucks in Brittany.

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First MAN distributor in France and second Iveco distributor, Group Parrot, with a turnover of EUR 190 million (including LCV business with Ford and Fiat Professional).

The first DAF in France, the GSVI Group, comes in seventh place with a turnover of €180 million for a profitability of 3%. With 14 DAF garages, group headed Julian Da Ponte, completes its offering with utilities from Nissan and Volkswagen.

RENAULT TRUCK DISTRIBUTORS at the following two locations: Azure Truck Group, Managed by Pierre Ippolito, which maintains 40,000 trucks and vans through its 31 workshops (including MAN, Volvo Trucks, Nissan Piaggio and Fuso) in the PACA region; Group Marty (Unrelated to its names Peugeot and Ford in Montauban) in Occitanie.

Finally, 10th place goes to Diane, the Scania distributor in the west, which is also Daff (the Sedan company) and Volkswagen Utilities (the Div company). Overall, the prisoner is headed by Stephen Barre, achieved a turnover of EUR 158 million in 2019 with a profitability of 4%.

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