Discover the First Images of Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon

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The actor who won an Oscar for his work Joker He will be playing this historical character for a film that will reunite him with Ridley Scott after 22 years.

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Phoenix was honored for his role as Arthur Fleck in 2020.© GettyPhoenix was honored for his role as Arthur Fleck in 2020.Federico Carestia

Everything is ready and less and less missing for fans of Joaquin Phoenix She can be seen looking for one of the directors who marked her career forever. the actor who won Oscar for his role in Joker will share a shoot with Ridley Scottwith whom he toured in 2000 when he made the award-winning film the Gladiator, Now they will repeat the thread of historical events, to tell the life of this time Napoleon Bonaparte,

Arrival confirmation Joaquin Phoenix for the next project Ridley Scott Happened at the end of 2020. As the world debates how to circumvent the pandemic, in Hollywood They managed to find a way to move on and get back in business, even when theaters were mostly closed and audiences turned to streaming, with platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max as the main beneficiaries.

Now that theater activity has become somewhat normal, and titles like batman And Spider-Man: No Way Home showed that people want to re-live the experience of the big screen, Joaquin Phoenix He would return to cinema after directing the film that earned him Oscar, It should be noted that he also made in 2021 Go! continue (which hit theaters in Latin America in April), but it was a much smaller project.

first images of the day Joaquin Phoenix As the iconic French monarch, which leaked from filming in the UK. This description brings up an interesting color fact: this will be the second time I’m done with it. Ridley Scott And the second time you play an emperor. In 2000, he put himself in the shoes of dresserFilm Anti Jo 5. ended with Oscar Award,

What will be the pivot of the film Napoleon?

Originally, the idea was to title the feature film kit bag (military backpack), but eventually replaced it Napoleon, The story will focus on this famous European politician and his relationship with his wife, josephine, Although the role of women was going to be in charge eat pair (worked with Scott To final duel), had to withdraw due to scheduling issues and that’s when he came into play Vanessa Kirby ,lady pieces) movie can be seen by Apple TV+ And while it doesn’t have a release date, it will probably be seen this year.

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