Discover the absolute winners of the series Mania (13 prizes).

The 2022 edition of the Series Mania Festival in Hauts-de-France concludes, with the traditional winners.


International competition

The jury, headed by Ukrainian producer, Julia Sinkevich, surrounded by Mark Dugen (Director, Novelist, France), Christian Berkel (Actor, Germany), Shira Haas (Actress, Israel), Berkun Oya (Screenwriter, Director, Writer, Turkey) Has happened. and Yseult (singer-songwriter, France), awarded 3 awards out of 9 series presented in world or international previews:

  • Grand Prize: The World of Tomorrow (France) Producing: Keitel Quilvere, Helier Cistern, Vincent Poimiro, David Elkam. Screenplay: Keitel Quilvere, Helier Cistern, Vincent Poimiro, David Elkam, Raphael Chevenment, Noor Ben Salem, Rudy-Williams Kabuiku. Directed by: Kettel Quillvere, Helier Cisterne. Broadcast: Arte, Netflix.
  • Best Actress: Michelle de Svarte in The Baby (United Kingdom) Producer: Sean Robbins-Grace, Lucy Gamer. Distribution: OCS (France).
  • Best Actor: Yehuda Levy in Fire Dance (Israel) Creation, Script & Direction: Rama Bershten-Shai.


international overview

The jury, chaired by French screenwriter and writer Anne Berest, Ronnie Alter (Singer, Israel), Sophie Deraspe (Screenwriter, Producer, Canada), Sophia Esedi (Actress, Singer-songwriter, France/Morocco), Esref Rebroc (Director ) is surrounded by. , Belgium) and Greer Simpkin (Producer, Australia) awarded 3 of the 13 series presented in World, International or French previews:

  • Best Series: The Dark Heart (Sweden) Producing: Oscar Soderlund, Gustav Möller.
  • Special Jury Prize: Sunshine Eyes (Germany) Producing, Screenplay, Directing: Maria von Healand.
  • Best Series Awarded by Student Jury: Funeral for a Dog (Germany) Creation: Hanno Hackfort, Bob Konrad, Thomas Pelletinger.


french competition

The jury is made up of international journalist Kalim Aftab (The I Journalist, BBC, writer, producer UK), Marta Balga (Episode, Variety-Poland), Patrick Heidmann (FAZ, Germany) and May Sinnov Rogne (Aftenposten, Norway). Of the 6 French series presented at the world premiere, 4 prizes were awarded:

  • Best Series: Tender Meat Producing and Screenplay: Yael Langman. Broadcast: Slash
  • Best Actress: Ines OUCHAAOU, CHARLIE LOSELIER, ASA SYLLA in REUSSS Producing: Jerome Larcher, Catherine Regula. Broadcast: Slash
  • Best Actor: Axl Granberger in The Black Butterflies. Producing and Screenplay: Bruno Merrell, Olivier Abbou. Distribution: Arte, Netflix
  • Best Original Music: Clement Domik, Antoine Wilson, Sebastian Wolf of the group FEU! Chatterton for TOUTOUYOUTOU. Distribution: OCS.
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comedy contest

  • Best Series – High School Jury: Bloody Murray (Israel) Producing and Screenplay: Stav Idriss.


small size

The jury was made up of David Auverreg (Producer, Director, France), Alice Gruia (Actress, Director, Germany), Pablo Padovani (songwriter, director, France), Hanna Van Vliet (Actress, Netherlands).

  • Best Series: Float (UK) Creation, Screenplay: Steph Smith.


audience award

It rewards the audience’s “favourite” series among all the series in the competition (International, French, Comic, Panorama – with the exception of the short formats).

  • Daniel F. Harris (France) born Producing and Screenplay: Pete Jackson.

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