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Can we see everything in the living? What is innovation? Which scientific profession will soon become obsolete? Welcome to Cogitons Science, the engineering tech podcast that deciphers science issues!

Techniques de l’Ignueur’s tech magazine is starting its own in-house podcast: Cogitons Sciences. Available online, you can already listen to the trailer!

What is Cogitons Science?

Cover created by Techniques de l’IgnĂ©ur by Camille Van Belle.

Every first Monday of the month, our journalists welcome two guests to the microphone: sociologists, engineers, philosophers, industrialists, etc. to consider the future of science.

The energy of tomorrow, the ethics of science, the emerging business… everything is being played today!

Episodes of Cogitons Sciences last approximately forty minutes and are integrated into a thematic mini-series of three episodes. For our first mini-series, we are interested in ethics in science.

When is it for

Find the first episode of Cogitons Sciences on Monday 1 February! Its theme will be: Ethics of innovation.

Where is it ?

The podcast is available online and on all listening platforms! To not miss the release of the next episode, you can subscribe to Cogitons Sciences now on all listening platforms:

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