Discover GTA 5 Option X, which was discovered by players 8 years after the game’s release

It’s no big secret, but all gamers seem to be ignoring it. The mechanic wasn’t even discovered by the inquisitor who joked: no, it was seen on an account suggesting random Grand Theft Auto 5.

GTA 5: Exclusive mechanics for consoles discovered after 8 years

Bus, The mechanism in question allows … to drop an object while you are in the car. We are all guilty, whether alone or in online mode (including the GTA RP component, also available on PS4), of throwing sticky bombs or Molotov cocktails at someone.

Well, this mechanism here allows not to throw this item, but just drop it through the window of a car or motorcycle. Ideal for setting a trap because it allows you to focus and not concentrate on driving, search history some secrets on the side of the road.

To get there, it’s as simple as anything, you still had to know it:

  • Press ‘X’ (PlayStation) aim anywhere
  • Press “A” (Xbox) aim anywhere

PC players don’t have this option activated by default, at least on the launch version of GTA 5. Otherwise, this is the key. x who should Limit for this action but many sports (including us) do not take into account this mechanism which sounds reserved for console.

Players are finding this action after thousands of hours in Los Santos

Of course, this little bit of news isn’t enough to change the whole game. Most people in the comments search for option X, however, the most loyal players who declare for example “I have been playing since 2014. I didn’t know that…“!

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Therefore we can only recommend that you start your gta 5 Whether on Xbox, Playstation (PS4 or PS5 for that matter because the next-gen update is coming soon) or PC, more to try To drop bombs from your window!

It’s these kinds of little discoveries that make Grand Theft Auto 5 So exciting, even after such a long time. For example, one player recently managed to block a train with great fun, while other players were releasing mods that significantly reduce online load times.

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