Discover Futura’s new flagship project in preview!

Surprise: Futura will launch its own print magazine. A beautiful and exhilarating adventure that we have been working on for months. We wanted to share with you the project in preview ahead of the official launch of its crowdfunding campaign next Monday.

today is very big day for future : We unveil our new project prepared in the greatest secrecy of our laboratories, a paper magazine, Yes ! And soon, very soon, you’ll be able to hold it in your hands: over 200 pages that we’ve sized step by step in every detail, with original content, surveys, illustrations… a real work of a goldsmith. Done with a talented team of journalists, graphic designers, model makers, printers… to the greatest delight of our prospective readers.

Futura, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, looks forward to opening up to a wider public beyond the region Internet, by launching this original project of a paper magazine with original content. Our motivations have remained the same for two decades: to popularize science, Transmission of knowledge, giving the keys to understanding our world, always with the same wonders and inquisitions that characterize us, Discoveries and scientific news show us this every day: we are living in a great time! Complex too, with immense challenges that are important to understand. This is exactly what we wanted with Futura magazine, where everything is given.” for a long time , “We stop everything, we think and it’s not sad” (Gabe, lan 01,

we need you

There are four major issues at the center of the book. four zones which our journalists have discovered with their pens and neuronsDelivering in-depth reports, interviews and delicious articles. You will really enjoy yourself! And not only that: an original comic strip, science fiction short stories, add fun experiences to do at home… Portraits and exclusive photographs of famous artists adorn this little masterpiece. Editorial work that we are proud to present to you.

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Now rocket Has been assembled and will be standing on its launch pad soon. We loved designing it and we are sure you will love it. But to make take-off a success, we need youYour financial and moral support. To do this, you can reserve one or more copies in advance. Our Ulule Page Even more To share This great project around you, and award the first points to your loved ones for a wonderful take-off in 2022. The countdown continues!

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