Discover Britain’s oldest carnivorous dinosaur in Wales

Scientists have identified Britain’s oldest carnivorous dinosaur.

Fossils found in a quarry in South Wales belong to a rooster-sized animal that lived 200 million years ago.

Part of the spine, pelvis and femur were found in the mine, which Dr. Stephen Speckman, an associate of the Natural History Museum, claims is in good condition.

“The preservation of this material is so amazing that, you know, we can see a lot,” he said.

“We also have a left femur that belongs to the same person and we can actually see how that thigh fit into the pelvis.”

Scientists theorize that the pendrigue Milnere – or Great Dragon – belonged to T. rex, but it looks very different.

Dr. Speakman said the dinosaur could walk on two legs with fangs and lead an active lifestyle.

“This animal must have lived 200 million years ago,” he said, “which means that T. rex has been much closer to us in time than Pendraig.”

The fossils were found more than 70 years ago in a limestone quarry in Carmarthenshire.

The bones were out of place and were only found when the Triassic period rediscovered them among crocodile bones.

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