Director posts video to prove he’s a real person with internet conspiracy

The weirdest gaming story of the year continues. Abandoned director Hassan Kahraman posted a video of himself to prove that he’s actually a real person, not a character invented by Hideo Kojima.

Posted to Blue Box Game Studios’ Twitter account, the video shows Kahrman (and IGN can confirm that this is the same Kahrman we’ve talked to before) talking directly to the camera, assuring viewers that He is a real person, not an actor. The video was uploaded (at 3:00 p.m. European time) about Kahrmann’s upcoming PS5 exclusive, Abandoned, which some netizens say is actually a Hideo Kojima and/or Silent title. Hill.

Kahrman’s words attempt to refute several theories that are being circulated: “Hello everyone, this is Hassan Kahraman. I just wanted to make a very quick video to show myself, that I am a real person.” And yes, I’m not really connected to Hideo Kojima, I’m not an actor, I don’t work on Silent Hill. So I just wanted to show you my face and show you that I’m real. Hope That we’ll have a Q&A session very soon, we just need to figure out when it’s going to happen, and we’ll talk about it again.”

Before the video is published, blue box one tweet To try to quell the rumours, “We’re a small independent studio with real people. We’re working on an exciting game. We’d like to do a livestream with a Q&A where you can clear up any confusion and rumours.” Can ask all your questions to take away. We just want to set expectations. Clearly this was not deemed enough, and Kahrman himself followed suit.

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This is another bizarre twist for the developer, who has had to declare on several occasions that he is not a part of the Kojima game. While some of the speculation is sounding like a playful meme, many of the reactions to Kahrman’s post acknowledge the negative impact it had on Blue Box employees. wildbergerrr Twitter nicely illustrates this response: “I feel really bad for this company because of all the people who hoped to see every little detail and who would now refuse to buy this game because It’s not Silent Hill. Or any other game related. Kojima. Shame. I’m sure the game will be great.”

We still know very little about Abandoned after its teaser. However, the horror shooter is expected to see new trailers and information on Friday, June 25 via the PS5 app. We also know that the game will “finally” be available on PC.

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