Direction of Sciences Po: Olivier Farone, Christine Muselin and Mathias Vicheret Selected

Posted October 19, 2021, at 10:40 pmUpdated October 20, 2021, 12:08 AM

The selection committee has given its verdict. Of the eight candidates selected for the direction of Science Po, they selected Olivier Farone, Christine Muselin and Mathias Vicheret.

“The commission chose among candidates of extreme quality”, declared its two co-chairs, Laurence Bertrand Dorlec – President of the National Foundation for Political Science – and Jean Lazarus – President of the Council of the Institute for Political Studies.

Olivier Farone is the general administrator of the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts. Christine Muselin, Professor at Science PO, is a specialist in higher education. Mathias Vicharat recently stepped down as Danone’s general secretary.

Budget constraints at the center of the issues

For the three candidates, the budgetary question is the major one. And it appears so in their respective files.

Olivier Farone emphasizes the diversification of funding channels to increase its resources by 30% during the term of office. It intends to focus on the development of research projects, the deployment of continuing education and apprenticeship systems, but also on micro-certification and new partnerships with the assistance of alumni (chairs, start-up incubation, fundraising). According to him, it is necessary to develop “an internal culture of performance”.

Resources are also a “central issue” for Christine Muselin, underscoring the highly constrained position of the Sciences Po due to the repayment of loans to acquire and refurbish the Htel de l’Artillery. In her project, Christine Muselin estimates that the establishment’s resources should increase by at least 10% by 2026.

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For a close number of students, the budget of the London School of Economics is twice as large, also indicating that only three out of three candidates have no higher education experience, even though the call for candidates made it a prerequisite. made.

He said that increasing the tuition fee would not be real. An increase in the number of scholarship recipients could lead to an increase in tuition fees for students whose parents have the highest incomes, but it would create a new controversy about what Science Po should do without, they believe. Is. Having said that they want to make students and their parents more aware about the challenges and budgetary constraints of the school. For the rest, it depends on sponsorship and continuing education – specifically to develop a substantial Executive MBA offer. And he plans to integrate the alumni union into the IEP’s services, to offer a lever for fundraising.

broadcast on 10 November

The commission’s proposal was referred to the foundation’s board of directors and the IEP board. The IEP board will vote on three names on November 9 and the foundation’s board of directors will vote the next day.

If they agree on a single name, it will be sent to the Minister of Higher Education, Friedrich Vidal, on 10 November. In the event of disagreements, the process will be delayed, a real fear that many negotiators shared last week.

The appointment must be subject to the decree of the President of the Republic and the order of the Minister of Higher Education by 20 November.

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This appointment, an indirect result of the Duhamel case, would probably not be a closed case, with some unsuccessful candidates highly likely to file appeals.

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