direct ecology. In 2021, the French again save a record amount

In 2021, the French again save a record amount

In 2021, the economy’s recovery did not rhyme with the end of more savings. For the last one year, the closure of houses continues. This statement is especially true for the superior French. Since the start of the crisis, this over-savings has reached 187 billion euros, according to data from the Banque de France. A year ago it was 114 billion euros. Despite its low yield (which should rise in February), livret remains the preferred method of saving for A French who want to save up quickly.

According to Philippe Crevel, director of the Cercle de l’Epargne, interviewed by Le Figaro, “the deflation of the Covid kitty has not begun”, with the pandemic still present urging caution. But this savings will be necessary for 2022, as it is the storehouse of growth. In a report, OFCE predicted in late October that “consumption of one-fifth of this savings, assuming a common movement across all developed countries, would lead to an unemployment rate of 6.2% in 2022, a growth scenario of 6.0 per cent.” .% and inflation is rising to 2.4%”.

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