Diplomacy: Focus on Central Europe

By participating in the last meeting of the Visegrad Group, Morocco is building its place of choice within a region that is beginning to weigh more and more on the old continent.

Morocco continues its policy of diversifying its partners. On 7 December 2021, he was represented by the Foreign Minister, Nasser Bourita, at the final meeting of the Visegrad Group, which includes the four Central European countries of Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

It was on 9 June 2021 that the Kingdom was invited to this meeting by the head of Hungarian diplomacy, Peter Sizzarto, on the occasion of his talks with the same Mr. Bourita in the city of Rabat. In the context of communication, we certainly find common words.

Thus, Mr. Bourita indicated that “Morocco and its partners within the Visegrad Group are determined to strengthen their cooperation to address common challenges, in particular those of terrorism, illegal immigration and cross-border organized crime.” In the fight against”.

Entry Gate
But in practice, this rapprochement with the Visegrad group is important. This allows Morocco to have significant support within the European Union (EU), which also includes the group’s four members. Support, which, according to various observers, can be solidified by the official recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara, and even the opening of consulates in the region.

It must be said that the countries concerned, in recent years, have not stopped supporting the territorial integrity of the state. In this regard, he has repeatedly supported Morocco’s initiative to negotiate a statute of autonomy, and with the exception of France, his voice is in contrast to the European countries of the West, which generally prefer to take pleasure in obscurity. We do.

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The point is, of course, of indifferent altruism: for these countries known for their concern for facing burning challenges such as irregular migration and terrorism, the fact of counting on a state power in Europe’s direct neighborhood that created both of these The theme is a key feature.

And this can be seen, for example, in Mr. Sizzarto’s public statements, welcoming Morocco’s “decisive and exemplary role” at this stage. Finally, there is another dimension to the interest of the Visegrad group of countries to invest in Africa, where, as is known, the Kingdom has established gateways and served as a platform for many years. continental. So there are many reasons for a real victory in partnership with them.

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