Diorgo Jotta and Thiago Alcantara face Jurgen Klopp in Liverpool Champions League dilemma

Games continue at a knot rate for Jurgen Klopp and his Liverpool team.

The quiet celebration of the 2-1 win over Sheffield United on Saturday night did not come soon, the thought immediately turned into the Champions League.

The Reds Group B campaign continues after a 1-0 win over Ajax in Amsterdam on Wednesday.

This time, FC Midtzland of Denmark, who lost 4-0 in the adventurous Atlanta, is on their way after starting their own continental campaign.

The three-point whipping guys should be expected for Klopp on Tuesday night.

But how will the team help him achieve that goal?

Liverpool also have back fours from Trent Alexander-Arnold, Fabinho, Joe Gomez and Andy Robertson.

Joel Matip may have a good chance of earning a resume but the Reds boss will give a more detailed overview of his fitness level when he meets with the media at Anfield on Monday afternoon.

In the face of ongoing concerns over Matip’s ability to stay fit in the long run, Klopp could maintain his strength with a center-back partnership that helped him win two in last week’s spin.

As always, midfield is the one where the real shuffle can play.

Klopp chose something of a fluid national anticipation, such as 4-2-3-1 against Chris Wilder’s Blades on Saturday evening.

Diego Jota Sadio also remembers that Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah started alongside the normal quarters and the performance of the first half was somewhat omitted, the second was quite improved.

Firmino has been up and running with a goal against United at Anfield this season, and Klopp could be wary of removing the Brazilian for this despite Takumi Minamino’s ongoing claims.

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So Klopp’s big condom for this game is that he holds the same template and draws for a game where his side will dominate the ball.

The Gung-Ho approach against Dennis could be the key to a six-point group marriage, but if all four hold their place, what will happen to the two in midfield?

Jordan Henderson and Ginny Wijnaldum are both off to a flying start, but Thiago Alcantara could return to losing two matches after a 2-2 draw with Everton after River Lions’ red card challenge last week.

James Milner is also making his claim after his second-half cameo against Sheffield United.

If Klopp returns to type in his three-member engine room, the key issue could be whether or not to bring Thiago’s fitness miller back into the team.

Was the declining number of midfielders on Saturday the real reason behind the formation switch on Saturday?

Klopp said after the game about his forward, “Let me tell you, this is an area where we have a lot of options. We had some positions in midfield where we could change and saw all these kinds of things,” Klopp said after the game about his forward. . Options.

“We thought it would be better to change the system before the game.”

For the first time in two years, Klopp’s thinking about his team selection will be around systems rather than individuals.

Three more points in the knockout stage would be a big step towards another crack.

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