Dinosaur Hunter, ‘Canada’ and ‘Great Britain’ missions on National Geographic

From the Canadian boreal forests to the English shores, the journey continues in the company of paleontologist and National Geographic explorer, Federico Fanti, to discover the secrets of some of the most fascinating animals that have ever populated the Earth. after appointment with Dinosaur Hunter: Italy Aired by National Geographic last September, the channel offers two new appointments along with the original production Dinosaur Hunter, broadcast at 8.55 pm: December 25, 2021 with Dinosaur Hunter: Mission Canada and on January 1, 2022. with Dinosaur Hunter: Mission Great Britain,

Dinosaur Hunter: Mission Canada

Broadcast on National Geographic on December 25, 2021 at 8:55 pm, Dinosaur Hunter: Mission Canada. In Canada’s vast boreal forests, Alberta, along some of the most remote and wild rivers on the planet, hide some of the most incredible and mysterious fossils: so-called dinosaur mummies.
Dozens of dinosaur skeletons and numerous footprints emerge along the narrow canyon carved by rivers. Precious fossils that reveal the great migration between the cold lands of Alaska and southern Canada at the time of the dinosaurs. But some of these skeletons reveal something unique: fossilized dinosaur skin, a very rare phenomenon that offers new and unexpected scientific perspectives. The discoveries that have revolutionized the imagination of dinosaurs and the work of paleo-illustrators who can now “bring them back to life” with great precision.
Federico Fanti’s journey continues through the Badlands, vast expanses of alleyways, a lunar landscape that contrasts with the luxury of the jungles. From Dinosaur Provincial Park, a vast storehouse of dinosaur skeletons in the open, to the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller, the world capital of dinosaurs, which houses one of the most incredible fossils ever found. A dinosaur seems to have come from another planet, Borrelopelta, a fully mummified armored animal. Head to Edmonton, to see together the extraordinary mummy of a baby dinosaur.

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Dinosaur Hunter: Mission Great Britain

Airs January 1 at 8:55 pm on National Geographic, Dinosaur Hunter: Mission Great Britain, Amidst legends, science and great characters, paleontologist and National Geographic explorer Federico Fanti takes us on a journey to the United Kingdom, the place of origin of paleontology as a discipline. The dinosaur story takes off from here, and thanks to the Loch Ness monster Nessie as well, their myth conquers the entire planet. Scientific discoveries made by the first dinosaur hunters in the 19th century pave the way for one of the greatest scientific revolutions of all time, when the scientific method and research begin to arm itself against centuries-old stories and fake news. Who discovered the first dinosaur? What exactly is a dinosaur? Fascinating places that intertwine with the history of the people who wrote the first pages of dinosaur hunting. Thus we’ll find out that the first dinosaur hunter was actually a young woman: Mary Anning, the man who first revealed to the world the incredible ‘sea monsters’, ichthyosaurs and plesiosaurs that ruled the ocean at the time of the dinosaurs. From the Jurassic coast of Lyme Regis, where cliffs that fall into the English Channel tell us of a Europe that no longer exist, walk through the Natural History Museum of London and the wildest corners of Scotland. We’ll follow Federico Fanti to the Oxford Museum and the lost mines of Stonesfield to meet Megalosaurus, the first dinosaur ever described. We’ll admire the magnificent Fourth Bridge, a 19th-century iron bridge, a perfect replica of three large dinosaurs, leading up to Sikar Point, a rocky province where rocks sinking into the North Sea have revealed the true age of our planet. has been disclosed.

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Dinosaur Hunter It is produced by Dinamo for National Geographic under the direction of Massimiliano Sbrola. Authors: Andrea Bocello, Federico Fanti and Massimiliano Sabrola Photo

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