Digital procedures for delivery to the UK

For the ghats that ran from Europe to the UK, the first few days of January were peaceful: it was mainly fruits, vegetables, flowers and plantain slippers that used these sea connections.

Victor Vijverberg of Freight Line Europe (FLE), a Dutch refrigerated transport company, is confident that his organization will bear fruit in the coming weeks. “From a volume standpoint, we are still in a low season. This gives us and our customers time to adjust to the new ordering process. We also need to get into the habit of exchanging data in digital format.”

To prepare for Brexit, FLE and the Dutch logistics company CSI Fresh have joined forces. They have developed a platform that connects FLEs and their brokers in the UK, allowing for quick exchange of information. “Our customers enter their load orders via our web portal or XML link. These are then sent digitally to CSI Fresh, which takes care of the export documents. In addition, they are able to prepare shipping announcements. The UK also informs the partner. Imports. This is the fastest way to meet all customs formalities “.

Over the years, many customers have also placed their orders in digital format. “We are not very familiar with digital ordering, but this new platform continues to provide our customers with the same service they were using before January 1, 2021. We can still receive orders in the morning and We can deliver them the same evening in the UK. But we have to organize everything very well. However, we are very happy to see that the investment we have made in automation, and the time and energy we put into preparing Are paying it, ‚ÄĚsays Victor.

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Wijverberg says that Brexit has not had a major impact on his company so far. “The UK and EU reached an agreement shortly before the deadline. On Saturday 2 January we faced some unexpected formal changes. But we managed to resolve them immediately, continue operations and without chaos in ports “.

It is difficult to predict the level of congestion and delays that may occur in ports and the Eurotunal in the coming weeks. “Additional stocks shipped to the UK in December will gradually run out. The quantity of fruits and vegetables will also increase in the coming months. Therefore, flows between the UK and the EU will increase rapidly. We have identified requirements in good time and Has overcome. Challenges by adding modules and inspections. We are refining these processes now, “concludes Victor.

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