Diesel trucks will be banned in the UK from 2040

Nearly a hundred years of combustion engine truck development will come to an end. The giants in Europe (Trayton, Daimler, Volvo Trucks…) are already producing electric tractors, but the technology remains restrictive. Electricity with a fuel cell is expensive, and a hydrogen distribution network does not exist, whereas power with a battery creates problems of weight, autonomy and charging time.

Yet there is already an emergency. The United Kingdom is one of the first markets to officially approve a diesel release date for tractors: 2040. So manufacturers have less than twenty years to release successful trucks, and less than 20 years. Create adequate infrastructure for public authorities in twenty years.

One of the paths under study in England is the installation of pantographs on motorways so that trucks only have to use their batteries in built-up areas. But the cost of covering highways is frankly embarrassing and unimaginable. Installation of very fast charging stations may see the light of day, especially when projects are under study, but current battery technology still poses too many problems for trucks (too heavy, too heavy, too long to load) .

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