Diesel, Crow Voice “Orc” cartoons and sequels

The 2015 ‘Lost World’-style multiplayer survival video game “Orc: Surviving the Evolved” is not only getting a sequel, but also an animated series that can compete “indomitable” in terms of signed voice talent.

Vin Diesel, Russell Crowe, Gerard Butler, Michelle Yoh, Jeffrey Wright, David Tennant, Carl Urban, Elliott Page, Malcolm McDowell, Alan Tudic, Jach McClaron, Madeline Madden, Ron Yuan, Dairy Jacobs, Derry Jacobs, Ross Deborah Melman will all be giving their voices in the animated series.

Studio Wildcard games follow players as they try to survive on a stranded island inhabited by dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, natural hazards and other dangerous humans.

The series was announced as part of last night’s Game Awards presentation where a trailer for it and the second game were shown, the second will see Vin Diesel also probably play the same role he did on the show in a more lifelike CG form (see picture above). Watch the trailers for both the series and the sequel game below.

Source: Deadline

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