Didier Lacroix doubts about the rest of the Champions Cup

The year 2020 would have been the most complex year at all levels. For us fans of rugby, but also for the whole world. Not falling into despair of the surroundings, not sure that the beginning of 2021 is classified under the sign of renewal. And the subtle form of the oval balloon unfortunately will not survive the rule. You have certainly seen and heard this, England is experiencing a fluctuation in the Kovid-19 epidemic. To say the least worrying news we have seen The eye Rugby enthusiast. Because with the closure of borders, and many cases of Kovid within the clubs of the channel, The question arises as to the continuation of the Champions Cup’s good progress. In Figaro’s column, Didier Lacrosse’s Toulouse President did not hide his pessimism. For him, the possibility that the rest of the matches cannot be disputed is very real: ” We certainly fear this strongly. There are very few postponement dates for this European Cup between the Top 14 and France’s XV. It is particularly feared that British territory will not be open for the rest of the group in mid-January. Given the resurgence of the epidemic in the United Kingdom, there is cause for concern, yes. The newspaper also understands that Stade is hardly overly optimistic, General Manager of Frank Thomas Lombard.

As a reminder, two European Cups, Champions Cup and Challenge Cup Kovid-19 has already given a tough competition from the pandemic. No fewer than six meetings were canceled during the second day (four in the Champions Cup, two in the Challenge) and this new look is already looking like a decision. The next day is scheduled for January 15, a little over two weeks. So the possibility of watching these matches has taken an edge in the wing. What to do in this case if all the meetings were to be canceled? The European Cup may have an empty year, unless a comeback is used later in the season. It is yet to be stated. If the question of the European Cup arises legitimately, VI Nation comes back with a single request related to the tournament. We also told you about it in Le Rugbynistère. The start of the competition is scheduled for 6 February, and FFR President Bernard LaPorte did not hide his doubts about the maintenance of the event. In the current economic situation, it is difficult to see one ounce of light. We must decide quickly, but make no mistake, this situation is becoming more unbearable for all.

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