did you know? Gordon Ramsay Has Restaurants In France (And They’re Grabbing The Stars)

A few days ago, the Michelin star awards ceremony reminded us of a fact we completely forgot: the presence of highly publicized and Catholicly irritable British chef Gordon Ramsay in France. Because, yes, in the United Kingdom and around the world beyond his empire of restaurants, Gordon Ramsay couldn’t resist the idea of ​​coming over to keep his pan. Country of gastronomy.

The Scottish chef has two addresses in France. In Bordeaux, within the Intercontinental Hotel, is crowned with a second star. At Pressoir d’Argent, the chef has thought up a menu “Which pays homage to regional products”, Thus there are black truffles from Gironde, foie gras from Charente, Breton lobster a la presse, stewed guinea fowl with Landes asparagus, lamb with Tarbais beans and more than 500 types of wine, “So many references to the richness of the French culinary heritage”,

For the record, the gastronomic restaurant, located on the first floor of the hotel, takes its name from the extremely rare presence in its rooms of a lavish lobster press made in solid silver. “Only five copies worldwide” by Christopher House. The object is used daily in each evening service, in front of customers, to grind coral and carcasses, to extract their precious juice from blue lobsters. A small show in itself.

When he moved to Bordeaux, chef Philippe Achebest, his French alter ego, did not fail to react to the arrival of this new competition. It was only a few days after Top Chef’s juror opened his restaurant, Le Quatreme Mur, in 2015. “It’s impossible. If we had written the story, we wouldn’t have believed it. It’s great”he said, teasing a little. “We were born the same year, in 1966, we played sports, he played football and I played rugby. But he’s also the richest chef in the world while I’m only opening my first restaurant. He’s a lot ahead.”

“On the other hand, I’m at home, in Bordeaux. Anglo-Saxons don’t like to play outside and in Bordeaux, we know how to get by!”

London atmosphere

Gordon Ramsay even has another table on the outskirts of the capital,”In the poetic setting of the Park of the Palace of Versailles”, Here, in Trianon, which has a Michelin star, the Scottish chef also serves French cuisine in a pastry shop with his executive chefs Frédéric Larquemin and Eddie Benghenem.

The experience is described in these words: “This charming establishment is synonymous with gastronomic delight, inspired by Chef Ramsay’s famed restaurant in London, which holds three Michelin stars. Tastes of beautifully crafted French specialties are served in an elegant and intimate setting, and Enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience.” just that.

Rather than a menu, the experience here centers around tasting the menu over five or seven courses. In the signature dish: Free-range lamb, asparagus and pepper, roast monkfish, seafood and zucchini-brown butter velote, or even a vanilla, strawberry and rhubarb berlingote. The venue also offers a dining experience from the kitchen, at the “cook’s table”, allowing “To praise the kitchen brigade, talented and dynamic in full action”,

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