Dick and Dom had to switch liters of vodka riders ahead of 20th anniversary tour

Children’s TV presenters really don’t get any more iconic than Dick & Dom, whose early-2000s shows bungalow Inspired a generation to start yelling out loud about snot in inappropriate places.

But bogeys aside, the pair — now in their 40s — have one of the most wonderfully chaotic, creative, and downright bizarre children’s TV series ever, and millennials across the country will be thrilled to hear the duet. bungalow Visiting the UK this year on the occasion of his 20th anniversary.

Children’s TV presenters don’t get more iconic than Dick & Dom. credit: alamy

45secondes.fr caught up with Dick & Dom (ie Richard McCourt and Dominic Wood, FYI) to talk about the tour, saving the world and why liter bottles of vodka are no longer on their riders.

bafta winner dick and dom in bungalow First aired on CBBC in August 2002, which is apparently a long time ago.

While Dom was certain he’d have no problem keeping up with the show’s much-talked-about pandemic this time around—”We’re both staying fit and healthy. We run all the time,” he notes—Dick was a little less confident.

“Ask us in September, we haven’t started rehearsals yet,” he joked.

bungalow The tour will begin this fall and run until the spring of 2023, and if the fact that they haven’t started rehearsals yet is surprising, it shouldn’t be.

“There was never really any rehearsal, everything was improvised and improvised, we just went there and saw what happened,” says Dick.

But if age hasn’t dampened his enthusiasm, it has certainly overshadowed his behind-the-scenes antics.

“We used to get like a liter of vodka and sleep well at night, but now we can’t do that.

, [Now] That is four bottles of water, four cans of Coke Zero, some snacks and some beers.

“It wasn’t like this before, I can tell you,” thundered Dom.

On to more important things, how to really take on such a crazy idea bungalow happened on tour? Dom will tell you.

“The initial idea was born a few years ago, when it was our 25th anniversary of working together,” he began.

Both are now in their forties.  credit: alamy
Both are now in their forties. credit: alamy

“I said to Rich, ‘Why don’t we tour? Like a normal Dick & Dom tour? And we thought it might work.

“Then Rich said, ‘Wait a minute, there’s next year’ [Da Bungalow’s] 20th anniversary, let’s wait and do it.

Dom continued, “So we talked to the producers of bungalow, Steve Ride, and he said “Let’s go!” So we made a set, we assembled the characters. All the music, everything. This is going to be awesome. ,

Yep, you heard that right, guys like Die Harry Batt, Diddy Dick and Dom and Mr. Chosie will be back in action when this tour starts. Not only that, but the presenting duo is committed to preserving the wacky game show format that has glued millennials to TV screens Saturday morning after Saturday morning.

Dick said, “It’s going to be a family show again, we’re not going to suddenly start doing things that we wouldn’t have done on TV.”

Dick and Dome in Da Bungalow first aired in 2002.  credit: BBC
Dick and Dome in Da Bungalow first aired in 2002. credit: BBC

Dom said: “The kids can come, but it’s mostly up to you.”

As far as everyone’s tongue is concerned, will the bogies make a comeback? – Rest assured, shouting out loud about mucus is 100% on the agenda.

“There will be bogies, don’t worry,” confirmed Dick. “Someone once told us it’s like a big band that doesn’t play their biggest hits. It’s like ‘Mr. Brightside,’ you got to play ‘Mr. Brightside.

As far as what they expect people to take away from the tour, a warm, fuzzy experience in the book of Dick & Dom would be a great start.

“We want people to laugh,” Dick said. “I think that’s still what everyone needs because the world has gone absolutely crazy. Get mad with Dick and Dom instead.

“The main thing we want to do is make people really happy and laugh out loud,” Dom echoed.

“We’re basically going to save the world and make everyone happy again,” he smiled.

Dick & Dom’s Da Bungalow Tour will run from Fall 2022 to Spring 2023 and tickets can be purchased Here,

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