Diamond: Ten arrests after an attempted march in Algiers

A dozen Algerian protesters were arrested by police after attempting to organize a march in Algiers.

The protesters marched a few hundred meters along the central boulevard of the legendary district of Bab al Oid in Algiers, possibly heading towards the center of Algiers as they do every Friday.

They chanted “Capital, wake up! “, With Hirac’s slogans in general,” civilian status and not military “in particular, and” generals in the garbage “, thus” down with the regime “. But the police intervened and made several arrests to advance them. Stopped.

According to the National Committee for Liberation of Detections (CNLD), police made more than ten arrests around Ibrahma Mosque in Fatah-Busad district (center of Algiers) and in Bab al Oid, where activists also tried to launch. March

For the Algerian media, this Saturday march comes in addition to those held every Tuesday and Friday and will be a turning point for those demands aimed at political-social emancipation, for which the Algerians revolted in a movement that empowers the president Ended as The power of the boutflika after twenty years of controversial rule.

These marches will be given to observers to explore the revival potential of the street, which is tied up with its demands for a total break with the regime and its “archaic” figures, accused of being at the core of popular constituents and victims. Is (exclusion, poverty, unemployment, economic ruin) “in the face of a power that claims to be the carrier since assuming the reins for the good governance of a project for a new republic”.

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