Detecting powerlessness in the United Nations on the tenth anniversary of the war in Syria

The United States on Monday called for “not fooling the international community for the upcoming presidential election in Syria” during a session of the United Nations Security Council, where the “deadlock” political resolution would be a new one to resume the process. The initiative was not taken.

“These elections will not be free or fair. They will not legalize the Assad regime” and “do not meet the criterion of Resolution 2254 – UN oversight or conducted according to a new constitution,” he said in the United States. Urged the ambassador. Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

On the post of the President of the Security Council, he was elected to make this monthly meeting of the Council on 15 March coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the war.

As its Russian counterpart, Vasily Nebenzia responded, “The unrest spread in Syria in March 2011 was used by external forces to inflame the situation in the country. Their aim was to overthrow legitimate Syrian authorities and reintegrate the country.” Had to organize. ” , Using a classic antifon from Moscow.

“Illegal armed groups, including international ones, took the opportunity,” to spread, he insisted, again calling for the departure of foreign troops from Syria not wanted by Damascus.

France, which administered Syria from 1920 to 1946, prepares for a credible election, without being clear as to the United States of America’s advance rejection in June for the Syrian presidential election.

“It is about working to establish a ceasefire at the national level, which is set to hold free and transparent elections under the supervision of the United Nations, in which expatriates can participate, without which there will be no compromise.” Conflict, ”said Deputy French Ambassador Nathalie Broadhurst.

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Meanwhile, the process is “blocked”, “at a deadlock”, and against the backdrop of a “deep economic crisis” in favor of a political settlement that opens the way to peace in Syria, noted the representative in Damascus of the International on Friday. Cross (ICRC), Philippe Spoerri.

– “Desperate Syria” –

Some media, including the AFP, referred to the “really dismal reality” in the refugee camps, saying “Syrians are really desperate, where there is no future for children without school”.

Nigerian ambassador, Abdo Abari, sounded the alarm on Monday in the Security Council, demanding that “Syria has become a laboratory of horrors”.

Linda Thomas-Greenified said, “Instead of playing the clock and hijacking the subject, the Assad regime should release those who are arbitrarily detained – especially women, children and the elderly.”

“The population collectively needs international assistance,” agreed Vasili Nebenzia, whose country significantly reduced in July, reducing points of entry into the country, requiring no approval of Damascus.

The only crossing point is still in force at the Turkish border, which is authorized by the Security Council until July, but Moscow, Syria’s first support and eager to recognize its total sovereignty, has already indicated that it Will oppose renewal.

Without specifying his view, the United Nations envoy to Syria, Norway’s Geir Pedersen, requested for his part the creation of a “new international format” to find a political solution to the conflict.

Citing “major international players”, he said that this new format should include the United States, Russia, Iran, Turkey, the European Union and Arab countries, many of whom are considering returning from Syria in the Arab League. Have been.

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This last movement is strongly supported by Moscow. This can only be decided by the Arab League, argued Grier Pedersen, when asked about it at a press conference.

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