Despite restaurant closures, poultry consumption receded from crisis in 2020

Last year, poultry consumption fell by only 0.7% in France. Mainly because domestic purchases in stores jumped 9.3%.

Anvol Inter-Branch said on Tuesday that poultry consumption in France eventually declined slightly in 2020, despite the Kövid-19 crisis, with the chicken shopping boom partially declining. Anne Richard, director of Anvol, told during a video conference, “With the restaurant closing in 2020, we feared losing too much, which brings together producers of lean chickens, turkeys and ducks.

“Finally, home purchases increased by 9.3%, which is very significant, and which leads to overall consumption (on all channels, including in-house catering, editor’s note) which is down, but just 0.7. %, “He said.

“This 9.3% increase, however, is not homogeneous by species”, Ms. Richard noted, “and especially species that were very high in difficulty, such as guinea fowl, duck, quail and pigeon. Because these species are. ” Mainly sold in catering ”.

France, the third largest European consumer

The French consumed 1.88 million tonnes of poultry last year, against about 1.90 million in 2019, specifying the difference in a press kit. Thus France continues to be the third largest poultry consumer in Europe after the United Kingdom and Germany. Chicken has earned well. With a 12.3% increase in domestic purchases and a 1.3% increase overall (including out-of-home catering), chicken represents 71% of chickens sold in France. Consumption of turkey at home also increased by 3.6% (total 1.8% +).

But, despite an increase in home purchases for the docks (+ 4.2%), consumption across all channels declined by 17%, “due to the strong impact of restaurant closures for the region”, Anvol explained. Ginny Fowell has experienced a similar growth, with total consumption declining by 11.5%. On the other hand, poultry production deteriorated last year (-1.4% compared to 2019). According to the inter-professional organization, duck and guinea fowl production is estimated to be “both of these sectors are in great trouble today”, with declines of 12.4% and 12.8% respectively.

“The situation is also very difficult for quail and pigeon areas,” said Anvol, who indicated that “the breed of these areas [étaient] Still awaiting implementation of the 3 million euro aid promised by the government ”.

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