Derek Chisora ​​criticized the standard of judging in British boxing after an “absolutely disgusting” score by Eddie Hearn at a match boxing event

Derek Chisora ​​has slowed down the referee’s standard in British boxing after Eddie Hearn tossed the “absolutely disgusting” scorecard into his show last weekend.

The matchroom boxing boss was ignited when Zela Barrett, who is under his promotion banner, registered a controversial win over veteran Keiko Martinez.

Derek Chisora ​​echoed Eddie Hearn's sentiments on the standard of judgment in British boxing

Dave Thompson / Game Hall

Derek Chisora ​​echoed Eddie Hearn’s sentiments on the standard of judgment in British boxing

Hearn was angered by one of the judges fighting the 118–111 side in Barrett’s favor, suggesting that foreign fighters would be anxious to come to the UK for fear of injury.

And Chisora, who is also encouraged by Hearn and Matchroom Boxing, fears that crime levels in Britain are far below normal.

“I think boxing changed humans,” he said on the TalkSports Fight Night show. “You know, as fighters, we fight and we work hard.

“But when people wake up and come out of their house and go to the edge of the ring, put on their glasses and drink a cup of tea.”

Hurt made no punch with his assessment of Barrett's win over Martinez - taunting the judges

Dave Thompson / Game Hall

Hurt made no punch with his assessment of Barrett’s win over Martinez – taunting the judges

“Then they start to judge when these people deal with it, from foot to foot. And then they give such dashboards?

“This is bad.”

The bewildered veteran is currently waiting for his next opponent after his loss in his last fight against Alexander Yusik on Halloween.

The 37-year-old Anandi won the breakthrough moments against Utsaw during the bout, which is scheduled to face Joey Joyce for the interim WBO heavyweight world title after winning a decision.

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Despite being passed with almost three stones, Uski defeated Chisora ​​by points

Mark Robinson / Game Hall

After passing by about three stones, Uski defeated Chijora by points

Joyce and Usak met hobbyists in the Boxing World Series in 2013, with the former heavyweight champion claiming an unbalanced decision victory thanks to his superior speed and footwork.

And Chisora ​​feels it will be a case of “repeat” rather than “revenge” in the ranks paid.

He said, “He knows that if he is blinding you, he will turn around and start killing you.

“He’s going to jump on you and give you a lot of punch, basically.” They don’t hurt, those punches, but they score points. He will win the same.

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