Dennis Villeneuve’s tune may be the version we’ve been waiting for

S.It takes technological advancement to bring the iconic tom of science fiction and fantasy to their full glorious life. Peter Jackson’s Oscar-winning Lord of the Rings trilogy is a great improvement over the 1978 Ralph Bakshi version, but how could New Zealand handle it if he could only work with a few strings rather than a rotoscope and laser. Veta Digital’s CGI honored?

Frank Herbert’s Uni seems to follow a similar path, if the first full trailer for Dennis Villanuev’s iconic space fantasy new adaptation is anything to go by. The famous Lurid David Lynch version has been known since 1964 for being rejected by the director (who fought the studio executives and did not get the final cut) and was dismissed by critics, but now looking back it is always going to be a challenge to create new effects. .

Villeneuve’s dark and doom-heavy, quite obviously, Lynch’s wide-ranging mistake seems to have reached the dustbin of fire history. The current Messiah of Cinema-Futurism, courtesy of the advent of brain-teasing, and the silently brilliant Blade Runner 2049, suggests that Herbert’s masterpiece has become a text that will blow from fans of the book, deja vu and double-talk.

Timothy Chalamet (House Atrides as Scian Paul Atrides) looks like the charismatic, sexy keyboard player of a new romantic group of the 80’s whose synthetic brilliance has been echoing for decades, and as Charlotte Rampling (Beni) – Covering that weird face that makes him heavy-eyed eyes more deadly than usual. But what are the engineers doing in the movie from Ridley Scott’s Alien Prequels? Ah, they are the new Harkonness, the wicked, past-oriented inhabitants of the dreadful desert of Arakis, and the soon-to-be archaeological citizens of the young Paul. Life certainly got easier in the 80s, when Lynch simply made all the ginger and identified the disgusting group.

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Naturally, for Guardians of the Galaxy and Specter’s Guardians stars, Glossu Rabban has been hired by Villeneuve Dave Bautista to play his nephew Glossu Rabban, who is being imitated by Baron Vladimir Harkonen, the head of the kingdom. Baron Harkonon himself we only see a glimpse of in the trailer, surely it is a hairy bearded Stalin Scarsgard emerging from the initial pillar of some naughty look? Scarsgard will have to go a bit to reach the heights of stunned frenzy that reached Kenneth Macmillan in the 1984 edition – perhaps the heart plugs (never in the original books) are out of date. Hopefully, the funny whistles of subconscious homophobia will go with them.

Why is Jason Momoa’s Duncan Idaho playing with such enthusiasm, heart pounding, co-occurring sincerity in the hail? Does Momoa still think he’s playing Acoman from DC superhero movies – surely the Game of Thrones star hasn’t just moved on to remind him of the similarities between Dunn’s Dumbed Atreus dynasty and Stark’s George R. R. Martin’s popular fantasy? What do you say

Engineer-Harkonness is not only included to commemorate space films – the new sandwiches that have been marooned across the Arakis desert will now look like the giant, Mobile Surlax (1983’s Star Wars: Return of the JD). But again they look so much cooler than the repetition of the launch that it’s hard to be too upset to see a pilot with a little monster design. The story is similar to the scene where Paul Josh sparred with Master-a-Arms Gurney Halleck of House Atreides in Brolin – all of a sudden the personal defense shawls worn by the two seemed to be in our dreams rather than our 8-bit nightmares. After all, Tun looks better than a particularly bizarre episode of Tom Baker-era Doctor Who, looking like the crazy, fantasy world of novels.

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