Dennis Nielsen Plumber pulled the ‘shape of his own fist from the fist drain’

Dennis Nielsen Plumber pulled the ‘shape of his own fist from the fist drain’

What a cool and sad night plumber Michael Catron was called to 23 Cranley Gardens to clear a blocked drain. It was a seemingly regular job for the 29-year-old.

“On February 11, 1983, the Daily Mirror reported that he was opening a door to panic when he picked up the manhole cover near the drain. “

“As soon as Mike fell deep into the drain, he came across the ashes. Further investigation has found serious evidence of genocide. ”

This horrific murder of Dennis Nielsen was finally caught up with him.

The story of the first mic in the episode starring Tony Way warns the Mirror because the police don’t believe him.

Diana-Rod operative Mike Catron who discovered a meat-like substance in Dennis Nielsen’s flat at 23 Cranley Garden on Mashway Hill.

DCI Peter J, the top investigator played by Daniel May, then branded a copy of the mirror to the police force after our story broke down. Known as the “Merciful Killer”, Nielsen was a government employee and a former police officer.

For more than five years since 1978, he has murdered the frail boy and young man he found on Soho Street.

He befriended his victims, who often needed food or accommodation, and then suffocated and killed them by returning them to his Muswell Hill flat in north London.

On February 8, 1983, Mike visited the property and made a serious discovery. The next day Nielsen was arrested and confessed that he had killed more than 15 people and died before their bodies could be dismembered.

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DCI Peter J, played by Daniel May, then fiercely branded a copy of the Dess Mirror

What happened on the front page of the Daily Mirror is discussed in detail

Mike told the Mirror his incredible account in an exclusive interview with our team on the ground. The details of it were horrible.

Mike told our reporters, “I can say it was perfectly full, so that barrier was behind the manhole,”

“There was a horrible stench when I picked up the manhole cover and went downstairs after 12 jumps. I couldn’t believe it when I landed there. I saw my fist-sized flesh and pieces of flesh that looked as if they had been cut from one arm.

“I went downstairs again with an invitee. As soon as I lowered it towards the mains the whole lot moved and my bottle went away.

“It simply came to our notice then. The meat was so white and there was plenty of it.

“I was trying to figure out what kind of animal it could be. When I was walking around I thought it was clearly not a dog, no fur. It’s not a chicken – it’s nothing.

“It was all crushed and eventually I thought it had to be a body.”

Three bodies were found in a drain in front of the 23 Cranley Garden in Muswell Hill, which was patrolled by these bullet-riddled policemen.

Shocked, Mike called his boss with Gary Wheeler and he thought he thought he had found a body under the drain.

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Thinking it would be better to return to daylight, they returned the next morning.

But all the evidence was washed away overnight.

Neilsen was spotted by neighbors at night.

“I was determined to prove what I saw wrong, so I went upstairs to find out more,” Mike said.

“I got to the bottom of the pipe and there was more –
What could be the fingers and strip of meat bits.

“I lined my fingers with my own and thought they were from the palm to the first hand and the bit could be another bit in the second joint.

“Then one of the girls there came out of her dressing gown, shook hands with a white face and offered to call the police.”

Betty Scott, mother of the murderer Dennis Nielsen in June 1988

After Mike was released, Mirror discovered Nielsen’s mother, Betty Scott, at his home in Aberdeenshire. We got some pictures of her son’s childhood as well as the first interview with him.

From his home in the village of Strichen, where Nielsen grew up, he recounted how he was once a promising art student.

“He was a delightful baby and I loved him there and then,” he said.

“I have raised three children without the help of my husband.

“He was rarely there and the only problem was when he was.

“Everyone had an idea what he was going to do, but one day he came back from school and said, ‘Mom, I want to join the army.’

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“She has passed all her exams and I am proud of her.

“By then he was like any of my other kids and couldn’t stand it in any way.”

Dennis Nielsen was convicted of murder

In a later interview with the BBC, when Nielsen was convicted of six murders, he said: “He must be sick or something. I knew it wasn’t Dennis. “

Tonight, an ITV documentary, The Real ‘Des’: Dennis Nielsen’s story contains footage of the killer cooling down, which has not been seen for more than 30 years.

It also shows the relatives of the victims talking for the first time.

Nielsen died in 2018 at the age of 72 after falling ill in prison

Des finished on ITV tonight.

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