Denmark’s Premier League players may leave the UK for a clash with the Red Devils. UEFA League of Nations

In the practice match between Denmark and Sweden, Dan was not in the UK playing football on the field. 7 Absent: Caspar Shamechell (Leicester), Jonas Losal (Everton), Andreas Christensen (Chelsea), Gennik Westergaard (Southampton), Heinrich Delsgaard (Brentford), Matthias Jensen (Brentford) and Pierre-Emile Höjberge (Tetridge).

They had to live with their clubs in the United Kingdom for fear of infection with a mutated coronavirus, found in mink and now also people in Denmark. But an exception to the rules has been announced for the Danish international, the Danish Football Association (DBU) has announced.

This means that the 7 mentioned above will be available in the National League doubles against Iceland (15/11) and against the Red Devils (18/11). They will travel on Friday and after taking a new corona test they can train with the Danish selection.

The United Kingdom closed its borders to Danish travelers with immediate effect last Saturday. UK citizens and those holding valid visas are allowed to travel to the UK from Denmark. They have to be set aside for 14 days.

Therefore it seemed that Danish internationals would not be allowed to take action during the first 2 weeks after their return to England. To the relief of the Danish Association, this problem is now resolved.

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