Denied “visas” to Moroccan doctors who intended to attend a congress in France

The Moroccan Society of Ophthalmology (SMO) was disappointed by the decision of the French diplomatic representation in Morocco to refuse the issuance of visas to many of its members. The latter was to participate in an international conference of ophthalmology, held in Paris from May 7 to 9.

This prompted Dr Mohamed Bennani, president of the SMO, to write to his counterpart PR Claude Spieg Schatz, the organizer of this annual congress, the president of the French Society of Ophthalmology, to convey to him the surprise of Moroccan doctors at the dire measures . Measures taken against him by the French authorities.

“This denial is all the more incomprehensible because it affects colleagues who have been established over the years in the private sector, interns, heads of clinics, university professors and heads of departments of CHU. Many of them have paid their dues or submitted scientific work,” reads the letter dated April 22.

The SMO also expressed concern about the future of Moroccan ophthalmologists’ relationship with the French Society of Ophthalmology and their participation in the next Congress in France.

“We are well aware that the French Society of Ophthalmology is powerless to deal with this problem, but we wanted to inform you about this in the hope that the information reaches the competent authorities”, we add in the letter.

As a reminder, Paris last September decided to tighten visa-obtaining conditions for Maghreb countries, including Morocco, which “refusing” to issue consular passes required for the return of expelled immigrants from France . Thus it has reduced the number of visas issued to Moroccan citizens by 50%.

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