Dengue will be coming to Arcades soon

Although not the most crowded recently, arcades are still enjoyable places for video game fans like us. If they no longer take this “testing” aspect, which we found them two decades ago, they retain a certain charm, given what we can find at home in the following years.

Minecraft-dangens-arcade-bourneRight now it is Minecraft: DungeonsAlready available on our domestic console from 2020 will be released in a version dedicated exclusively to arcade machines. Particularly beautiful and quite massive, this terminal will allow four players to be happy together Dungeon-crawler Mojang’s.

Developed in concert with Play the mechanics, This terminal will not be limited to a simple transfer of the original title. The game has been completely revised and simplified in its mechanics and gameplay. Composed of only nine levels but extremely intense, the title should present a challenge at the height of its predecessor.


Amidst the big novelties of this version, Mojang has decided to introduce a collectible card system, offering players animals, items, weapons, and other in-game benefits. These cards are earned through gems collected in the game by killing enemies, among other things. Filling a dedicated gauge during the game, you will be given the opportunity to unleash your power against your opponents, when it reaches its maximum level.

At the end of the game, you will win one of these precious cards that you will be able to use during your following games to scan through the terminal. We’re talking about machine-delivered physical cards, not online backups here. Literally, the more you play, the more different cards you have to create a successful set for your avatar. With 60 cards available, there is a lot to do! A basic system overcomes the lack of backup and allows players to progress and modify their gaming experiences as they play.

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Soon to be available in some North American theaters, these terminals will be in the testing phase, before their numbers gradually increase. There is no immediate indication that we will see them one day on the old continent, but we never know?

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