Demonstrators march in solidarity with US protesters in Europe

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser speaks on May 11.
DC Mayor Muriel Bowser speaks on May 11. Saul Loeb / AFP via Getty Images

Washington DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser said on Sunday that the protesters “have the right to make their First Amendments right, but not destroy our city,” after realizing the city’s second protest night and some Saturday loot.

“He saw some destruction and turmoil among those who went crazy,” Bowser said in an interview with NBC.

DC Firefighters put out two car fires in the north of the White House last night, as well as several small fires in the city center, as well as some protesters who falsified some buildings with graffiti.

Bowser urged President Trump to send “separatist tweets that should return to our country’s separatist past.”

Some contexts: On Saturday, Trump accused Bowser of failing to allow the DC Metropolitan Police Department to help the Secret Service with protesters in Lafayette Park the night before, keeping control of the situation.

This claim was later denied by the U.S. Secret Service, who said the DC police department was present.

In the same series of tweets, Trump said that if they violated the hedges outside the White House, the protesters would “face the vicious dogs and sinister weapons I have ever seen.”

At a press conference yesterday, Bowser stated that Trump’s reference to “sinister dogs” is not a “subtle reminder” of separatists who attack African Americans with dogs.

Bowser said on Sunday that the city is working on cleaning and working with law enforcement officers to “keep calm in our city”.

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